Strict supervision is waiting for the package to go

  ——Hainan strengthens the supervision of the risk-free smuggling risk of offshore islands

  Our reporter Jin Changbo Zhou Yuan

  On July 17, Ms. He Zhenchun from Changsha, Hunan, selected a high-end watch that she had long wanted and successfully placed an order in a duty-free shop located in Riyue Plaza, Haikou. According to the flight schedule, two days later, she will use her ID card to go to the pick-up point of Meilan Airport to pick up the goods and leave Hainan.

  "This is my first time to come to Hainan for duty-free shopping. Under the guidance of the staff, I quickly confirmed my identity and flight information, and the entire purchase process was very smooth and smooth." Ms. He Zhenchun said. Behind this "unperceptual" pleasant shopping experience, the entire process is supervised by relevant departments.

  It is reported that since the implementation of the Hainan Islands Islands tax-free shopping policy adjustment on July 1, this year, the relevant departments of Hainan strictly follow the deployment of the Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee to effectively compact both the policy "use well" and the risk "management" The political responsibility of “affordability”, give full play to the functional role and professional advantages, deepen the “anti-blocking and punishment” working mechanism, strengthen the supervision of the risk-free smuggling risk of islands, and create a good legal environment and social environment for the implementation of the new policy of tax-free shopping on islands. From July 1 to 15, the province's cumulative sales reached 1.07 billion yuan, with an average daily value of more than 71 million yuan, an increase of more than 30% from the average daily sales in June, and the policy effect continued to be released.

 Strictly guard

  Big data is more "running", "no perception" full control and coverage

  "A substantial relaxation of the tax-free shopping policy on outlying islands is of great significance for accelerating the construction of an international tourism consumption center, guiding the return of overseas consumption, and enhancing the sense of gain for the people of the whole country from the construction of a free trade port. But at the same time, it also brings new challenges to the supervision work "The person in charge of the Haikou Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau said, "How to ensure the smooth landing of policies and effectively prevent the risk of smuggling of package purchases is a major proposition that must be answered."

  In this regard, Hainan wants to be ahead and walk ahead. From April 1 this year, the "Interim Regulations on Anti-Smuggling in Hainan Province" formally began to be implemented, marking that our province's anti-smuggling work has embarked on a track of institutionalization, standardization and rule of law. On June 8th, Liu Cigui, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, clearly stated in the press conference of the "Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port" held by the State Council Office that one of the "six will never be allowed", one of which is to never allow smuggling through trade in goods .

  On July 1, on the first day after the implementation of the Hainan Islands Duty Free Shopping Policy, the provincial party secretary Liu Cigui and the governor Shen Xiaoming visited the New Haigang Duty Free Shopping Pickup Point and the Sun Moon Plaza Duty Free Shop and other places, emphasizing the firm implementation The political responsibility of “controllability”, the introduction of regulatory measures in accordance with the law and regulations, accurately crack down on various illegal activities such as smuggling, scalping, and purchasing tax-free goods for profit, establish a mechanism for identifying untrustworthy conduct, and effectively prevent and resolve possible risks. Since then, the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government have held many meetings and on-site investigations to deploy the regulation of tax-free shopping supervision for Hainan Islands travellers.

  "According to the requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, Hainan Islands' tax-free smuggling risk supervision highlights two key points. One is to conduct strict supervision through big data and informatization as much as possible, and the other is to advance in the direction of "no perception" as much as possible. Reduce the number of verifications and provide passengers with a comfortable and convenient shopping environment," said the head of the Haikou Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau.

  The construction of Hainan's social management information platform is an important measure for our province to prevent risks and achieve the goal of "controllability". "The Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have planned ahead. Since last year, they have clearly adopted the social management platform as a key project for institutional innovation. At present, the platform has basically met the regulatory requirements of the current time series opening policy." Chief Architect, Provincial Big Data Administration, Hainan The head of the social management platform planning, design and guidance group, Ma Li, said that the social management platform consists of the "three lines of defense" of the "people flow, logistics, capital flow" information management system, social management supervision system, and port supervision system, and has access to a variety of The front-end perception means initially formed three prevention and control circles in offshore, shoreline and island.

  According to Marley, the overall structure of the platform is "1561", that is, an overall platform, five businesses: "sub-platform of three-dimensional management and control of the border and coastal defense, comprehensive sub-platform, public security sub-platform, emergency fire control sub-platform, and port supervision sub-platform". Platform, a set of six functional systems, "People flow in and out island information management system, logistics in and out island information management system, capital flow in and out island information management system, special imported commodity flow management system, communication big data system and cyberspace risk management and control system" The province's unified social infrastructure information infrastructure. "In actual operation, the overall platform proactively predicts and warns by integrating data such as sub-platforms, functional systems, and people, logistics, capital flows, and information flows in various departments. Once the island’s tax-free and sophisticated smuggling behaviors are discovered, it can command and dispatch related issues in a timely manner. Departments strike." Marley said.

  "Every day, we report the sales data of each duty-free shop to the social management platform. Through big data analysis, we can accurately find out who is the package purchase and who is the illegal purchase." Xie Zhiyong, general manager of Hainan Duty Free Co., Ltd., said July 10 From now on, the General Administration of Customs will implement the newly revised tax-free shopping supervision measures for Hainan outlying passengers, and make clear provisions on the supervision of the sale of duty-free goods, the supervision of the removal of duty-free goods, and legal responsibilities. Supervision measures are implemented, the shopping process of duty-free shops is regulated, employees are regularly trained and they are required to sign a commitment not to participate in any purchasing and profit-making activities, and at the same time reward employees who report on smuggling of package purchases to fully regulate sales behavior."

  While preventing "inner ghosts", strengthen the supervision of the sales process of duty-free goods. "Through electronic supervision, customs on-site supervision, information system supervision and other methods, the entire process of Hainan's import of duty-free goods, storage and distribution, sales, distribution, pick-up and outlying islands are under strict supervision." Xie Zhiyong said, "Everything A product is purchased by me with my ID card. Who bought the goods, what they bought, how much they bought, how much they paid, and who brought the goods are all at a glance. There is no need to worry about the outside world."

 Rigorous investigation

  Accurately crack down on smuggling gangs of package purchases, and curb the signs in time

  Walking into Hainan's major duty-free shops and pick-up windows, the warning slogans that are scrolled are very conspicuous: "Purchase of tax-free goods for profit may constitute smuggling illegal crimes" "Illegal loan of personal quota for profit may bear legal responsibility" "Criminal activities"... short and powerful characters, always reminding everyone what can and cannot be done.

  But there are always people who take risks. "At present, the implementation of the policy is very smooth, and the sales amount is steadily increasing. The vast majority of outlying island passengers really enjoy the'welfare' brought by the free trade port policy. However, we have found that there are very few lawbreakers who use other people's quota to organize gang purchases The second sale of tax-free commodities off the island is profitable. These people are not only illegal, but also suspected of committing crimes. They also affect the normal shopping order and shopping experience, and are the main targets of our crackdown." Deputy Director of the Provincial Public Security Department and Director of the Provincial Public Security Office Liu Haizhi said.

  On July 10 this year, our province organized forces in Haian Port Terminal, Xinhai Port Terminal, Sanya Haitang Bay Duty Free Shops and other places to implement a precise attack on the profit-making gangs for the sale of tax-free goods, and successfully smashed the smuggling gangs for the purchase of tax-free goods on the island 6 A total of 6 leading members of the gang involved in the case were arrested, and 39 “heads” (provided indicators for the package buying gang, and assisting in shopping and picking up outlying islands) were seized.

  "Counting this time, under the unified coordination of the Hainan Provincial Anti-smuggling Office, the Haikou Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau and the local public security organs have launched three rounds of cracking down on the smuggling collection of tax-free islands in November 2019, May 2020 and July 2020. The operation smashed 13 smuggling gangs, arrested more than 200 suspects involved in the case, and seized a batch of off-site tax-free cosmetics, luggage, accessories, etc. on the spot." The head of the Haikou Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau said.

  In addition, the law enforcement department of our province has established a cooperation mechanism with relevant e-commerce platforms, cleaned up a batch of online shops that illegally sell duty-free goods, cut off online sales channels of smuggling gangs, and effectively plugged loopholes.

  "By precisely targeting the smuggling gangs of package purchases, they basically achieved the effect of letting them dare, cannot, and do not want to organize package purchase activities, effectively maintaining the order of the shopping market." Liu Haizhi said, "Here, we remind the vast majority of outlying island travelers to cherish their credit Do not provide your own identity information to others to engage in illegal activities, and at the same time warn the package smuggling gangs not to try the law by themselves, otherwise the violation will be investigated."


  Strictly implement the "qualification penalty" and actively build a joint disciplinary mechanism

  On the one hand, it insists on "hit it out", on the one hand, it explores the illegal use of the island tax exemption policy to profit from the source.

  "Qualification punishment" is a great weapon for Hainan to shock the smuggling gang.

  According to the new supervision measures implemented by the General Administration of Customs, outlying island passengers have one of the following circumstances, the customs will deal with it in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and from the date of the customs decision to deal with, shall not enjoy the islands tax-free shopping policy for 3 years, and will be included in the relevant Credit history: First, for the purpose of profit-making, purchase duty-free goods for others or resell the purchased duty-free goods in the domestic market; Second, when purchasing or withdrawing duty-free goods, provide false identification documents or travel documents, use non-compliant identification documents Or travel documents, or provide false outlying island information.

  "Since the implementation of the Islands Duty Free Policy in 2011, according to regulations, the Customs Supervision Department has imposed an industry punishment of more than 200 passengers who violated the regulations on the Islands Duty Free Regulations for the purpose of suspending the qualification for the purchase of Islands Duty Free for 3 years." Haikou Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau is responsible for The person said that at the same time, those who constitute smuggling or violations of customs supervision regulations will also be dealt with by the customs according to the relevant regulations. If they constitute a crime, they will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. "We have strictly transferred to the procuratorate for review and prosecution according to the law. 15 suspects, such personnel will be severely punished by law."

  In terms of credit supervision, the "Island Duty-Free Shopping Policy Risk Prevention and Control Work Plan" issued by our province has been included in the content of credit supervision, and it is clear that joint punishment will be imposed on the subjects of severely untrustworthy tax-free island subjects. "At present, this work is progressing smoothly. The Haikou Customs is studying and formulating the methods and procedures for identifying the severe tax violations of the island tax exemption. The Provincial Development and Reform Commission is matching up the disciplinary measures for breach of trust in line with the current laws, regulations or policy measures, and will be implemented after the above work is completed. "The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission said that in the next step, it will also speed up the promotion of local legislation on credit, and strive to incorporate offshore tax-free credit supervision and other content into local regulations for overall protection, so that the reform is based on the law.

  At the same time, our province is also actively constructing a joint defense and joint control mechanism with Guangdong Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and working together to increase the "anti-blocking penalties" to achieve the work of "satisfying honest shoppers and returning illegal buyers." aims. "Hainan has built a social management platform, which has laid the foundation for the interactive sharing of data and data in the three provinces. Taking Hainan social management platform as the command hub, integrating the resources of the three places, integrating civil air defense, physical air defense, and technical air defense, it is conducive to the realization of supervision. Seamless connection." Liu Haizhi said.

  Preventing and mitigating risks is a systematic and arduous task. In the next step, the relevant departments at all levels in our province will further clarify the division of responsibilities in accordance with the deployment requirements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, make full use of science and technology and informatization, and promote the implementation of various regulatory measures to form a joint management, strengthen collaboration, and joint defense joint Governance structure and work together.

  (Report from Haikou, July 19)