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The start of the summer sales, which was finally delayed due to the coronavirus, was given on Wednesday. Provided you do not rob stores blindly, this period is an opportunity to do business, provided you follow some advice.

Know how to compare

With the development of comparative sites, many consumers have acquired the reflex to systematically compare the prices of the goods they plan to acquire. If the intention is laudable, it should not make us forget that we are primarily buying an object and not a label. A wise comparison will therefore be made as a priority on quality criteria. Ask yourself the right questions: where was this item made? Does it meet the quality standards required for products in its category? Was it made under acceptable social and environmental conditions? Does it display performance and finishes that guarantee its long-term use? Are there any faults? Be wary of excessively large margin reductions: good quality products rarely drop below a certain price.

However, for equal quality, the confrontation of labels is an essential step. Do not rush on the first discount in sight: precipitation is not a good adviser and nothing prevents you from going around the signs present on your hunting ground. For professional salespersons, a little last-minute check is essential. The day before your purchases, if you already have a little idea of ​​what you want to buy, take a look around the price comparison site.

Bet on safe values

To be effective, the soldier will have listed his needs before rushing. Make an inventory of your wardrobe, children's closet, your linen cupboard, your kitchen utensils, your garage ... In short, bet on the sales to renew your interior and your dressing room, avoiding unnecessary purchases . Tablecloths, tea towels, bath towels, pots and pans, car seat covers ... Dig into nooks and crannies to find the old things that deserve to be replaced. If you want to invest in furniture or household appliances, now is the time.

On the wardrobe side, are you wary of products that were too fashion-related from the previous season: last year's hippie chic long dress? Bad pick: next season will be in little straight post-war dresses. The big candy pink bag perfectly in the tone of the last spring? Same story: you may keep it in your closet for a long time. In short: preferably buy all-purpose products, sheltered from seasonal trends… Last tip: if possible, draw up your list before any identification, just to avoid being influenced by what you will have seen.

Try before you adopt

Many brands refuse to exchange or reimburse sale purchases, so there is no question of buying without having tried. To ride the streets and avoid the changing rooms, which are generally taken by assault, put on your combat gear: on the shoe side, prefer flat tennis shoes or ultra-comfortable ballerinas. Nothing, however, prevents you from bringing a pair of heeled shoes in your bag to draw them when trying on the skirt of your dreams. To put on pants or test a top without finding yourself in a small outfit on the store shelves, consider wearing leggings and a little dress close to the body.

Reserve the passage in the cabin for the most expensive purchases. And if you really don't want to give in to this fitting chore, you can always get rid of your failed purchase via one of the multiple online resale platforms or on a birthday.


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