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real estate measures came out in June and July, the apartment prices in Seoul continue to rise. It has been rising for six weeks in a row until this week. Songpa-gu recorded the highest rate of increase in the area near Dong-dong, which was bound as a land transaction zone, and Gangnam-gu also had a higher rate of rise than the Seoul average. The chartered price has risen for 55 consecutive weeks, but it has become more difficult as it has become difficult to find the chartered property itself.

Reporter Han Se-hyun was interviewed.

<Reporter> This

is an apartment complex in Gangdong-gu, Seoul.

Of the 282 households, there is only one property that has been chartered.

It is the story of the brokerage agency that the number of landlords who turn to the rent or anti-war has increased in recent years.

[Seoul Gangdong-gu Authorized Broker: It is related to the three burdens. Because (converting the rent) to the monthly rent, you can pay the tax as much as the monthly rent. Instead, you get half the deposit, and the other half is calculated as the monthly rent


Of the 1,356 apartments in this apartment complex, 6 are for sale.

[Songpa-gu, Seoul Authorized Brokerage: (Check the property) You know the site, I'll go down all the time. (There are very few for sale). Where is the charter? No? Everything. All items that haven't changed since June 17th also go out.]

Seoul's rent has risen 55 weeks in a row since July of last year.

The cumulative increase rate of the previous year's set value was 1.41%, which is the opposite of the decline of 2.17% in the same period last year. 

In particular, in recent years, the set value of Gangnam area such as Gangdong and Songpa has risen sharply.

This is an area where regulations are expected to be tightened or tax burdens will increase sharply due to measures against successive real estate such as 6·17 and 7·10.

[Kim Kyu-jeong/NH Investment & Securities Real Estate Research Fellow: In the short term, as the tax burden is passed on to the charter price, there is a concern that the charter market may become more unstable.] There is also a concern that the

continued rise in the set price will stimulate the increase in house prices.

[Tenant chartered in their 30s: (The total price is different) As the day goes up differently, I am very anxious, and there are a lot of friends who are in a hurry to buy in a hurry.]

Moreover , the number of occupants in Seoul apartments next year will be reduced to about half of this year. The instability in the charter market is likely to continue.  

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol, video editing: Park Ji-in, VJ: Han Seung-min)  

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