Subtitling the audio of online lessons with AI Toshiba and Keio University demonstration test July 15 17:55

A demonstration experiment in which the audio of an online lesson is automatically captioned by AI = artificial intelligence was released at a university in Yokohama.

The system uses an AI that has learned about 500,000 words to subtitle the audio of online lessons in near real time.

On 15th, at Keio University, the state of recording the lessons delivered to students using this system was released. When the professor starts explaining, AI recognizes voice and displays subtitles on the computer screen.

It means that the materials used in the lesson are pre-loaded into AI and the precision is improved so that technical terms can be subtitled.

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, this university has distributed all classes online, and from this month, some classes have been conducting demonstration experiments of subtitle display using AI.

Mr. Akira Shinshi, an international student from China, said, “It's convenient because you can search for Japanese that you didn't understand in the class with subtitles later.”

Professor Yoshimitsu Aoki of Keio University said, "I would like to devise ways to use this system while also including dialogue with students."

According to Toshiba, who developed the system, we are receiving more inquiries from other universities, and we are aiming for early commercialization while gradually increasing the number of target universities.