The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, assumes the failure of the European Council this week and rules out appearing in Congress to explain his conclusions, contrary to custom. The Government has not requested the appearance on the next week's agenda in the face of the tradition of immediately explaining the community summits to the deputies. Sources from the socialist parliamentary group confirm to EL MUNDO that there is no request for Sánchez to appear on the European Council for next week, but they point out that this is not a withdrawal from the agenda, because he has not come to appear.

The parliamentary spokesmen held an informal meeting yesterday and the agenda has been closed this Wednesday without the expected appearance of the president.

It is a sign that the null results that Sánchez is finding in his European tour this week. It ended with a meeting with the French President, Emmanuel Macron, in which both already spoke of "July" in generic terms as a possible date of agreement , instead of this week, as the Prime Minister had initially considered essential to respond as soon as possible to the economic crisis generated by the pandemic.

According to a statement from Moncloa, the Chief Executive assumes that the distribution of the new European Recovery Fund must be accompanied by commitments to reforms, as requested by the Netherlands or Sweden, among others, but rejects that conditionality bogs down and delays the delivery of money as both countries also defend. " The head of the Executive has defended that the governance of the Fund should accelerate the reforms, but at the same time be efficient and agile in their use, " says the Monclovita statement.

"With this meeting, Sánchez has ended a week of contacts with European leaders to discuss the meeting that the 27 will hold on July 17 and 18 in Brussels," he concludes. It will not be the definitive summit, as the president himself makes clear when ruling out appearing for this appointment. In the socialist group, however, they emphasize that next Monday there would be the possibility of requesting an urgent appearance in case there were finally conclusions. That is, in the event of a miracle.

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