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is a friendly economic time of reporter Kwon Aeri.

Reporter Kwon, the full summer vacation season is near your nose, but this year, it's probably going to be a Bangkok or domestic trip where everyone is at home.

<Reporter> As you

enter the holiday season, you can see that domestic resorts are crowded little by little.

Rather, it sounds boring to say that it's harder to book a resort than in any summer.

Reservation service app I have compared the pre-reservation scale for domestic accommodation in July and August from the same period last year until the end of last month.

Then the demand for domestic lodging itself increased by 35%, especially when I booked for more than 4 nights and 5 days in a row, 70% more people said that they would like to make the domestic trip as long as last year.

The demand for overseas vacations is not an exaggeration to say that there is no exaggeration, so the demand for domestic travel is definitely growing. It's crowded at a level above or above, and every weekend a lot of people are starting to gather at major resorts.


It would be nice if you could go to a vacation and save a difficult local economy, but if people gather like this, I think there will be more safety issues that require more attention.


Yes. If you go to rest and have problems, you will be really upset.

First of all, this year, it is most important to enjoy safe from Corona and safe from each other. I would like to tell you some helpful tips today.

For those who want to visit the summer vacation beach, if you type'Marine Tourism Nuri' in the portal search box, the website operated by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries will appear.

You can also enter the subtitled English address now, where you can check the number of people who are flocking to the national beaches in near real time.

The government, in cooperation with the mobile operator KT, shows the distribution of users on mobile phone information every 30 minutes.

It is a so-called'Sea Beach Traffic Light System', and it shows how crowded I am going to the red light, yellow light, and blue light in real time.

Jeonnam also operates a pre-reservation system for beaches on a pilot basis.

It is to receive the reserved people first. You can also apply from the same site.

It seems to be very useful this summer, but the problem has just been created and the number of simultaneous occupants is not large enough.

As I prepared the article, I tried to connect with several people at the same time several times, but there were some occasions when it didn't go. We are making 209 access lists.

The number of people allowed per day is also limited.

Even if it's troublesome, for the sake of everyone's safety, I think we should accept this new normal vacation this year.


Can you introduce one thing that can be anxious when people are in trouble and how to prevent it?


Yes. Local governments across the country, especially those with famous resorts, operate the so-called'good prices' page.

If you visit the homepages of metropolitan cities, provinces, and city halls and metropolitan governments throughout the country, when you visit a tourist attraction in the area, it will provide you with reasonable price information for places such as accommodations and restaurants.

It shows companies that offer reasonable prices.

If you go to see this, it might be easier to measure something like, "Oh, it's appropriate for me to pay this much for a dish like this."

There is also a complaint center that is operated by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Tourism Corporation if it is damaged by illegal or illegal activities at tourist sites.

You can press '1330' without the station number, and you can receive it 24 hours a day, and you can also report by each local government.

Lastly, one important thing is that people who go on an individual trip these days buy a lot of life jacket safety gear for their families.

Just looking at it and buying it can be dangerous.

It's advertised as a'life jacket' on an online sales site and it doesn't have the same purpose because it looks similar. If you look at the tags in the clothes, one of the three out there will definitely be written.

'Sport-type life jacket' You can just wear it in the wavy sea.

'Auxiliary Buoyant' This is a product that a person who is poor in swimming is allowed to use it near a protected facility.

Lastly, it is a device that assists practice in children's'swimming aid' swimming pools, and is not a product that can guarantee safety in the sea.

The Korea Consumer Agency said that it is possible to avoid the danger by purchasing the product in consideration of the purpose of the tag, when to check it, and when to use it.