Introduce cash charge to smartphone payment application at ticket vending machine at Tokyu Station July 14 19:05

Tokyu Co., Ltd., a major private railway company, decided to introduce a service that allows customers to charge cash to smartphone payment apps at ticket vending machines in order to find new ways to utilize ticket vending machines at stations.

While the number of people paying for train fares using IC cards and smartphone applications will increase, the number of people who buy tickets at ticket vending machines will decrease, and the number of ticket vending machines installed at stations at Tokyu will be reduced by half compared to 2001. I am.

For this reason, the company will introduce a service that allows customers to charge cash to "LINE Pay" for smartphone payments at ticket vending machines at stations, in an attempt to find new ways of utilizing it.

You can charge it by reading the QR code displayed on the ticket machine with a smartphone and inserting cash, and you can use it from 15th at ticket machines at 88 stations out of 97 stations in Tokyu.

The cost of maintaining the ticket vending machine is borne by the railway company, and with this charge, it will be possible to receive a fee from the "LINE Pay" side.

Tokyu has made it possible to withdraw deposits and savings from some banks with ticket vending machines, and JR West and other countries have introduced ticket vending machines that support smartphone payments for Chinese tourists at some stations. The movement to increase

Mr. Yoshiyuki Yamaki of Tokyu said, "Since it is expensive just to have a ticket vending machine, I decided to use it effectively. I would like you to use it as one of the services at the station."