China News Service, July 14, according to the Civil Aviation Administration website, on July 14, the Civil Aviation Administration approved the first batch of international passenger award flights. From now until the end of the season (October 24), China Eastern Airlines flight MU2573/4 (Kunming-Laos Vientiane-Kunming) will increase from 1 to 2 flights per week, adding MU593/4 flights (Xi'an-Tokyo-Japan) Xi'an) 1 class per week.

  According to the "Civil Aviation Administration's Notice on Adjusting International Passenger Flights" issued on June 4, the number of passengers on the same route that have a positive nucleic acid test result after entry is zero for three consecutive weeks. Within the range of flight volume, one flight per week is added, up to two flights per week.

  China Eastern Airlines flights MU2574 (Vientiane-Kunming, Laos) and MU524 (Tokyo-Shanghai, Japan) have been executed once a week from June 15 to July 5 and the number of passengers with positive nucleic acid test results after entry is zero. Flight award conditions. In view of the concentration of incoming flights in Shanghai and the near-saturation of reception capacity, the Civil Aviation Administration approved China Eastern Airlines’ application for the "Xi'an-Tokyo-Xi'an" route to implement relevant award flights.