Tuesday's kind economy starts. Reporter Kwon Aeri is out. Reporter Kwon, the last July and 10 real estate measures focused mainly on multi-homeowners, but recently also decided to raise the general real estate tax again for high-ranking homeowners. Today (14th), 1 homeowners point out the tax issue when they sell a house.


Yes. There are a lot of changes to the July 10 countermeasure, but most of the people who have one house seem to be confused because the story of multi-homeowners appears mainly in the news. Today, let's take a look at this step by step. The only big climb is when you have it shorter than 2 years before selling it.

For short-term holdings of less than two years, wherever you are or how much you're looking at, one homeowner sees a big tax increase.

The new transfer tax rate will start to apply from June 1 of next year, but the government explained that if it is a single house that has been held for more than two years, the new plan added last Friday has little effect.

First, if you have a house that does not exceed 900 million won for more than 2 years, you will not pay capital gains tax.

If a house is a regulated area, such as a reconciled area, that is a house bought after August 2017, you must have two years, and additionally meet the requirements for two years of residence, so there is no capital gains tax. The.


A house that doesn't cost more than 900 million won is no different from the past.


Yes. For a homeowner who has more than 900 million won, he/she has to live in the house he/she intends to sell for more than 2 years from this year, but he is giving a special long-term deduction rate of up to 80%, which is a special tax cut.

If you don't meet this requirement, you have to have 15 years to get a deduction of up to 30%, which has changed since the beginning of this year.

However, it was mentioned in the December 16 measures last year, but there is still another plan to be implemented.

In calculating the long-term holding special deduction rate, I calculated how long I had originally, but in the future, I decided to count the period of residence, so in that case, only one homeowner who actually lived in the house for more than two years after the third year The deduction rate can be increased by up to 8% every year from now, with 4% of the half being retained and 4% of the other half being resident.

Not only do you have more than 10 years, you have to live for more than 10 years, but it's only stricter to get deductions up to 80%.

This was included in the December 16 measures, but the law has not been revised, as was the plan to strengthen the comprehensive real estate tax.

This time, the plan for the end-of-life cleanup has been changed to strengthen much more than in the 12/16 period, and with the strengthened end-of-life cleanup, the plan will soon be revised and realized, and then this will be applied from January 1st of next year.

So if you want to dispose of one house that you have had for a long time but have not lived in for a long time, it is much better to do this year.

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reporter Kwon explained as easily as possible, there is a feeling of complexity. For example, please explain.

<Reporter> Let's

divide the 1.5 billion won house into 2 billion won depending on the timing and conditions of the sale

In terms of the arbitrage itself, it is 500 million won. If you sell this house within two years, you still have to pay the transfer tax from 170 million won to 200 million won.

The transfer tax will increase from almost 300 million to 350 million won from June 1st of next year.

However, if you have had more than 3 years over 2 years and actually lived in that period, the transfer tax suddenly decreases to the level of 50.97 million won.

As it is today, there will be no change in the transfer tax burden under the same conditions.

On the other hand, I had this house for 10 years, and I lived for 1 year but lived in another place, so there is no period where I lived, but I want to sell it. One more comes out. You have to pay 62.5 million won. This is already in effect this year.

The difference is that you didn't live.

On the other hand, I had this house for 10 years, and the real owner would like to sell it for 3 years, and this year, the transfer tax that my family has to pay will be only 738 million won.

But from next year, this will increase to 34.3 million won under the same conditions.

Even after next year, in order to pay the transfer tax of only 738 million won, not only did you have 10 years, but you also had to live 10 years.