He noted that Russia "was better prepared for the shock compared to the vast majority of countries, including those that are economically developed."

“The low level of external public and private debt, the accumulated financial resources of the National Wealth Fund can significantly alleviate the negative impact of the current global economic situation, including in terms of maintaining a sufficient level of stability of the national currency,” Reline Novosti quotes Abelina.

He also said that "the agreement quickly concluded within the framework of OPEC ++ to reduce oil production had a positive impact on quotations of world oil prices."

“Already, oil prices are close to the forecast level, ensuring a balanced implementation of the country's planned budget,” he said.

Abelin added that "all this allowed us to provide the necessary support to the most affected sectors of the economy, primarily systemically important enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as incomes of the population, including financial assistance to families with children."

Earlier, Russian leader Vladimir Putin said that there is a positive trend in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

At the same time, the President noted the importance of continuing efforts to overcome the damage caused to the economy and the social sphere.