In one of the months of high season of tourism for Spain, and taking into account that foreigners are coming dropper to our country due to the health situation, the Government launched a campaign this Monday to attract these visitors and promote Spain as a destination safe.

More than 80 million tourists came to Spain last year. 80% arrive by air. To give an idea of ​​how the situation is, this June the Aena airports registered just over a million passengers in June, 96% less than a year ago.

The number of passengers increases compared to May, although it is true that there was not even inter-provincial mobility yet. There are about 786,000 more passengers in June than the previous month, as reported by Aena on Monday.

According to the manager of the Spanish airports, these "are gradually recovering their activity", and operations have gone from close to 300 daily flights in early May, to more than 2,000 in July , coinciding with the opening of the Schengen area and the lifting of travel restrictions.


In this unfavorable context for the engine of our economy (tourism represents almost 13% of GDP), the Government has launched a campaign aimed at the international tourist named 'Back to Spain' . The campaign is part of the aid plan for the sector that was presented on June 18 and was endowed with more than 4,200 million.

This campaign, as explained by the Minister of the branch, Reyes Maroto, is aimed above all at the European tourist who feels Spain as a "second home" and who has an "emotional link" with our country. "Spain is a safe destination and we are waiting for you, the time has come to return," said the minister.

Maroto has also presented the new Spanish tourism portal,, focused on regaining the trust of foreigners. According to the minister, 50% of European tourists visit Spain 10 or more times, that is, "who repeats".

Raising awareness

Throughout the de-escalation, the tourism sector has highlighted the need to carry out a campaign to raise awareness among foreign tourists that Spain is a safe country.

"The campaign reinforces the reasons and emotions that have made our country its favorite destination in a year where the competition to attract tourists who decide to travel outside their countries is going to be very pronounced," he said.

'The incredible is closer than you think', the new government campaign to encourage national tourism

In mid-June the Government launched a campaign to promote domestic tourism. On this occasion, he titled it "The incredible is closer than you think."

The minister chaired this morning the meeting of the Tourism Sector Conference , where tourism sustainability plans in destinations have been approved to reactivate the sector, which aim to promote rural tourism and carry out actions aimed at developing and improving destinations tourism based on quality. The plans have a budget of 53 million euros until 2022 and some 260 destinations may benefit.

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