China News Service Client, Beijing, July 14th (Peng Jingru) "You don't have to be afraid of age to win, and my sisters are all painted by Fanfan Milin."

  This summer, the variety show "Sister Who Rides the Wind and Waves" brings to the public not only the "brainwashing" theme song "The Priceless Sister" and many popular searches, but also Vatican's slogan with a sense of presence.

  "Chasing the variety show,'Sisters all painted Fan Mi Lin', suddenly curious about what Fan Mi Lin is, I searched, I can't afford it! Farewell!"​​​​

Price bid

  More than one consumer was dissuaded by the price of Vatican: "The poor girls are not worthy of possession, I have always thought it is a miscellaneous brand", "Everyone has marked the product of "Dame"." "With this money to buy SK-II, buy Isn’t La Mer a fragrance?"

Screenshot of Vatican's video titled "Sister Riding the Wind and the Waves".

  How "dame" is the price of Vatican? The brand's official website shows that the price of 40g noble lady cream is 1200 yuan, the price of 150ml noble lady lotion is 520 yuan, and the price of 40ml noble lady essence is 920 yuan...

  "This pricing is a big name." A consumer who usually loves beauty and skin care made a price comparison: Estee Lauder's small brown bottle essence, the official guide price of 50ml is 850 yuan; SK-II 230ml fairy water price is 1540 yuan The price of its 50g big red bottle cream is 860 yuan; the brand La Mer, which was rated as "luxury in luxury" by Time Weekly, its 30ml cream is only 1520 yuan.

  In addition, unlike many cosmetics brands giving samples, the operation of Fan Mi Lin is to sell the samples as entry-level products separately: 130 yuan for 20ml repair lotion, 290 yuan for 8g celebrity cream, and 320 yuan for 5ml repair essence. .

  "This is mainly to facilitate customers to try the products first, the customers really experience the good products, understand the products better, and the agents will be more convincing in the future." A distributor of Fan Mi Lin explained to China News that the small-dose packaging In order to lower the threshold for use, "our brand is Hong Kong, and the positioning belongs to the high-end, the threshold will be higher than other brands."

"Dame" person set collapse

  It didn't take long for someone to pick out Vatican's "Hong Kong identity" in question.

  Tianyan check revealed that Fan Milin was registered in Shenzhen in 2015 with a registered capital of RMB 10 million. In 2017, the company changed its registered address from Shenzhen to Guangzhou. In 2019, the company's shareholders were changed from the original four persons such as Zhan Xiaojian to five companies including Guangdong Guangzhuang Holding Group Co., Ltd. In addition, Vatican did not show a background in Hong Kong.

  "The brand of Fan Mi Lin is registered in Hong Kong. Due to business development, mainland Guangdong Thanmelin Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was authorized as the general distributor of brand production in 2015. The current domestic origin is Guangdong and Hunan." Fan Mi Lin's customer service responded that .

Fan Mi Lin official website product display map.

  At present, there is no word originating in Hong Kong on the official website of Vatican. According to its official website, Guangdong Fanmilin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a cosmetics group that integrates brand planning, brand promotion and marketing. It is mainly engaged in high-end skin care and makeup products and is headquartered in Guangzhou.

  This is not over yet, "Wei Shang Fan Mi Lin's show is on fire: foundry processing, the lady's ointment 230 yuan can buy 2 kg!" The news, "Wei Shang" "OEM" became the fan of Fan Mi Lin Not going label.

  In response, Fan Milin said that the report was wrong. The media reports that the factory of the shop was not the Fan Mi Lin foundry, and the two companies only had similar names. And issued a lawyer's statement, persuading the relevant media to publish and reprint the information of the false content to immediately delete the relevant false articles.

  In the face of a lot of negative news, some people called Vatican Lin: "It feels that Vatican Lin is really miserable. It is true that Weishang is right, but it is not a "three noes" product. How could the "three noes" have passed radio and television review."

  However, Fan Mi Lin has not disclosed other content about product development investment, and it is also a fact to entrust the foundry to process the product. inquired “Fan Mi Lin Guifu Ointment” in the column of “Domestic Non-special Use Cosmetics Recording Information” through the China Drug Supervision APP and found that its actual production enterprises are Guangzhou Yiyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Hunan Hongyi Kai Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

  "According to the official record, Tianyan sister checked, and the two real foundries of this lady's ointment are not'clean'." Tianyan investigator micro made a supplement to Fan Milin: two foundries, one of them The factory had been subjected to administrative penalties for the type of "forging the origin of the product and using another person's factory name"; the other was ordered to rectify it because of some problems in quality management.

"We are a Wechat Business"

  Fan Milin was very "just" in the face of the defamation of "the lady's ointment 230 yuan to buy 2 pounds", but she was relatively calm about the status of "micro business".

  Fanmi Lin's headquarters customer service customer service once bluntly admitted to the media: "We are a micro business." Fan Milin's dealer levels are mainly divided into three levels, namely gold dealers, supreme dealers and member dealers. If an individual wants to become a Viverin’s WeChat agent, in addition to paying a security deposit, they also need to get a certain amount of goods at once.

Dealer level classifications sent by Fan Mi Lin dealers.

  "Is it good for Wechat to live in a circle of friends? People are afraid of being famous and afraid of being strong. Why do they have to show their faces in variety shows?"

  Fan Bin, the founder of Fan Mi Lin, believes that Fan Mi Lin is a micro-business and an "atypical micro-business". The title "Sister Who Rides the Wind and Waves" is only for "buying materials and setting off fireworks."

  "I'm not watching whether this program will be hot, I'm watching how much material this program can produce, and do more real depth implantation." "We use materials such as'star flipping bag','star with the same paragraph' and other materials to continue to shape Brand, if you think about it in my circle of friends, there is a similar brand dynamic every day. After three or five years of accumulation, it will give people an impression that this brand is very powerful and many stars are using it."

"Sisters all painted Fan Mi Lin, love is gone"

  But no matter how lively the "fireworks" are, it still depends on the product.

  Fan Mi Lin's advertising effect is not effective on some consumers. "Every time I advertise, Jinsha uses her obedient eyes to slowly say, "Sister, what are you trying to figure out." I was really excited, and I had a brain to make up the plot. Fan Mi Lin'. Stop, love is gone!"

The celebrities used screenshots of Vatican products in the show.

  "Product pricing is high but the lack of relevant after-sales service will make consumers' trust in their brands decline. If there is a problem with product quality, it is difficult for consumers to pay for it for a long time." Song Qinghui, an economist, said.

  "1200 yuan, a small bottle, painted on, can't be pushed open, fake white." The main station of beauty makeup up in the video of the evaluation of Fan Milin's ointment, high-energy vomiting.

  On the black cat complaint platform, some consumers also wrote that they bought a set of skin care products of Fan Mi Lin on a social e-commerce platform, and felt skin discomfort after use. Due to the spicy allergies after application, the consumer hopes The merchant agrees to his return application.

  This more or less affected the sales of the product. In the Vatican Tmall flagship store, the top-selling "Star of the Same Model" Vatican Lin Fairy Fairy Ointment, monthly sales of 4134, baby evaluation more than 13,000. The sales of the second-ranked product are only paid by 399 people, and many products are paid by less than 10 people.

  Fan Mi Lin may also be aware of the problem. On January 14, Fan Mi Lin had industrial and commercial changes, and added cosmetic manufacturing and cosmetic retail to the original cosmetics wholesale business project. Cai Bindi said that the company's factory is already under planning, but it has not been made public.

  After "Sister Lang", it is still unknown how long Vatican's dividend will last. If you want to get the "love" of consumers, Vatican may need to sober Zhang Yuqi to "copy homework": "Popularity is popularity, business is business. "(Finish)