Shiseido will sell antiseptic solutions to the public from next month New Corona 13th July 5:16


Shiseido Co., Ltd., a major cosmetics company, will begin selling the antiseptic solution, which is in high demand due to the spread of new coronavirus, to the general public next month.

Since April, Shiseido has been producing 100,000 liters of disinfectant solution for medical institutions, which contains ingredients that are said to prevent rough hands, since April.

Initially, the company prioritized supply to medical institutions and decided not to sell it to the general public.

However, many people who frequently use the disinfectant requested that they sell it to the general public, so I decided to start selling it to the general public.

First of all, we are considering starting sales at drug stores in Tokyo from the beginning of next month and expanding the sales area in the future.

In the production of antiseptic solutions, Shiseido and Kao, a major daily commodities manufacturer, as well as Suntory, a brewery manufacturer, are producing undiluted solutions of antiseptic solutions.