Ma Yun's shareholding in Ali fell below 5% and remains the largest individual shareholder

  Tmall Taobao President Jiang Fan was removed from the partnership

  Recently, Alibaba's fiscal year report submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission showed that as of July 2, 2020, the shareholding of Alibaba founder Jack Ma fell to 4.8%. In addition, the president of Tmall Taobao Jiang Fan was removed from Ali Partner this year.

  According to a report submitted by Ali, Ma Yun currently holds 4.8% of Ali's shares and is the largest individual shareholder. At the same time, SoftBank's shareholding ratio dropped to 24.9%, making it the largest shareholder of Alibaba. Cai Chongxin's shareholding fell to 1.6%. The specific number of shares held by the remaining management was not disclosed, but it held a total of 7.4% of the shares as a whole.

  Earlier, according to Alibaba's fiscal 2019 annual report, Jack Ma's shareholding ratio was 6.2%, this time it fell to 4.8%, a decrease of 1.4%. According to Alibaba's market value of US$727.4 billion, the value of US$10.18 billion (71.2 billion yuan) was reduced. RMB).

  Previously Softbank held 25.9% of Alibaba’s shares, which fell to 24.9%, which also reduced its shareholding by 1%.

  The reason for the decrease in equity was not disclosed in the report. According to analysis, on the one hand, the shares held by shareholders such as Ma Yun have been diluted due to the secondary listing of Alibaba; on the other hand, Ma Yun and others have also reduced their holdings in the past few months. Jack Ma's shareholdings fell from 1.277 billion shares to 1.043 billion shares, and Cai Chongxin's shareholdings fell from 411 million shares to 347 million shares.

  In the relevant information of Alibaba's partners, Tmall Taobao President Jiang Fan has been delisted.

  In April of this year, the results of the investigation and processing of the Jiang Fan incident released by Ali showed that Jiang Fan was in an important position in the company due to improper handling of personal family problems, which triggered a serious public opinion crisis and caused a significant impact on the company’s reputation. The investigation team decided to cancel Jiang immediately. Fan Ali’s partner status, downgrade, and cancellation of all rewards in the previous fiscal year.

  In the list of "Ali Partners" published in last year's report, 33-year-old Jiang Fan was one of 38 partners. The partner system is a system that Alibaba has operated internally since 2010, and it is a collective decision to avoid a few key personnel changes from bringing management risks to the company. Cai Chongxin particularly emphasized that in all major decisions, Alibaba's partners abide by the "one person, one vote" equal decision-making mechanism. Generally speaking, the elected Alibaba partner has no term limit until the partner leaves or retires from Alibaba.

  This year, there are only 36 partners left. In addition to Jiang Fan, the general counsel of Alibaba Group has also been removed from the list of partners.

  Text/Reporter Wen Jing