• Minimum Income. Minimum Vital Income: How to apply for the aid, requirements and all the keys

In just three weeks, Social Security has received 510,000 applications to receive the minimum vital income, a "huge" figure that has exceeded the government's forecasts and that in more than half of the cases will be rejected for not meeting the required requirements.

"From previous experiences, at least 50% will not meet the requirements," said the Social Security Minister, José Luis Escrivá, this Friday. This assumes that, with the data that we already have, more than 255,000 of those requests will be rejected .

However, the final beneficiary figures are not yet known because the Ministry is working with the communities to transfer the data on the beneficiaries of the regional minimum incomes. "We are working so that they can transfer the data to us and see ex officio how many meet the requirements for Social Security," Escrivá explained in an interview with Antena 3.

Support for Calviño, attack on the PP

On the other hand, the person in charge of Social Security has wanted to give his support to the vice president of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, after her defeat in the vote to preside over the Eurogroup. Escrivá stressed that it was " by a vote and at the last minute ", while stressing that the last time a Spanish representative presented defeat was "by a landslide."

The minister has thus referred to the harsh defeat suffered by Luis de Guindos , who went on to affirm that Spain would have the presidency of the European in complete safety, thus sending a message and facing the criticism that the Popular Party is making of the administration. from President Sánchez and Nadia Calviño herself.

"In this of the decisions of the European governance, in the voting there are different levels of balance, south-north, small countries and big countries, political orientation of the governments, everything is mixed, these things happen and it would not get a particular point" , Escrivá has pointed out, who also recalled that Calviño had the support of the governments that represent the majority of the European population: " Imagine if there were a voting system by weighted population, it would have obtained more than 80% of the votes " .

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