An iPhone in Hainan Duty Free Shop is more than 2000 yuan cheaper?

Purchasing within three years of "no entry" test customs supervision

  Our reporter Yuan Lu

  "The Hong Kong version and the US version are not as good as the Qiong version! The iPhone11 cabbage price is more than two thousand cheaper than the official website!" "If necessary, come to Sanya duty-free shop tomorrow to ensure authenticity!"...If you just happened to have a professional purchase, similar Such dynamics must have burst your circle of friends recently.

  With the implementation of the new tax-free shopping policy for Hainan's outlying island travelers, the number of consumers traveling to Hainan has soared, and many purchasers have also flocked to Hainan's duty-free shops. In this regard, the General Administration of Customs made it clear that Hainan Islands travellers should be punished for engaging in purchasing activities for the purpose of making profits. Once discovered, they shall not enjoy the island tax-free shopping policy for three years, and may be included in relevant credit records in accordance with relevant regulations.

  However, a reporter's investigation found that there are still a large number of Hainan purchasing companies that are still very active in knowing violations. In terms of specific supervision, the customs urgently need to strengthen law enforcement.

  Customs clearly punishes purchasing for profit

  The tax-free shopping quota was increased from 30,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan per person per year, and the number of tax-free commodities on the islands was increased from 38 to 45, and the 8,000 yuan tax-free limit for individual products was cancelled... June 29, Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs 1. The State Administration of Taxation issued the Announcement on the Tax-Free Shopping Policy for Hainan Islands Travelers.

  The launch of the "unprecedented" island tax exemption policy attracted a large number of consumers from all over the country. "The price is really a discount." A Hainan purchasing agent told reporters that the duty-free price of the iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB version in Hainan is 8625 yuan, which is not only 2274 yuan cheaper than Apple's official website, but even 1220 yuan lower than the Hong Kong version. .

  In view of the gray space for purchasing and profit-making, on July 6, the General Administration of Customs issued the revised "Regulations of the Customs of the People's Republic of China on Tax-Free Shopping for Passengers from Hainan Islands". The regulations stipulate that if you purchase tax-free goods for others for the purpose of profit-making or re-sell the purchased tax-free goods on the domestic market, if you provide false identity documents when purchasing the tax-free goods, you shall not enjoy the policy of tax-free shopping on the islands within 3 years and may be included in accordance with the relevant regulations. Related credit history.

  The reporter learned that in 2011, the Hainan Islands Duty Free Shopping Policy was formally implemented. In the past 9 years, the Islands Duty Free policy has been adjusted five times, and each policy “upgrade” has produced a significant economic pull effect. The data shows that from 2011 to 2019, Hainan's tax-free annual sales increased steadily from 986 million yuan to 13.6 billion yuan, and sales in 2019 increased by more than 30% year-on-year; the number of shoppers increased from 48.36 million in 2011 to 3.84 million in 2019 Person-times.

  A large number of Hainan purchasing is still active

  "This week, from Haikou out of the island, there is a ticket purchase, each product can bring an invoice" "Sea-free agency, 5 yuan"... Although the General Administration of Customs has made it clear, the revised Chinese The Customs Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Duty-free Shopping for Hainan Islands Travellers, but the reporter sees that there are still a large number of Hainan purchasing active in various e-commerce platforms or social platforms.

  "Single hair straighteners in Hainan duty-free shops, Estee Lauder, the mystery of the sea blue and other quotations. Look at the picture, and attach the price comparison of Capital Airport T3, Hong Kong shopping and other places"...Professional purchasing Jasmine is busy with the circle of friends, while busy counting through WeChat Customer information for ordering. "I heard in the news that the customs does not allow purchases, but the DFS cabinet sister said that as long as it does not exceed the personal limit, it will definitely be fine. After all, if the policy is to be implemented on each purchase, it will take some time." "No tax-free shopping in Hainan Islands", Jasmine seemed a little disapproved.

  Compared with selling goods to consumers after taking the goods in Hainan, the reporter found in the investigation that it is more popular to directly help take the goods and charge a certain purchase fee according to the price or quantity of the goods.

  The reporter noted that there are currently a large number of active Hainan duty-free shops to replenish VIP members to use their membership to help consumers outside Hainan Island to place orders and support a package of mail. Under the guidance of Ms. Si, who works in Hainan, the reporter succeeded in downloading a single product through the official link of Hainan Duty Free Shop and obtaining product logistics information. "I'm just an office worker who engages in sideline business. I can't collect a few dollars in a single order, which means dozens to hundreds of dollars, and the customs can't commit to check me." Ms. Si said. Although it is known that the customs has new regulations, many Hainan purchasing agents on behalf of the merchandise still have a fluke.

  The implementation of supervision needs to strengthen law enforcement

  "The General Administration of Customs adjusted the supervision measures this time mainly to plug some loopholes that are prone to occur, such as the behavior of making profits from purchasing, etc." Bai Ming, deputy director of the Market Research Institute of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, said that the purpose of the establishment of the island tax exemption is mainly In order to build the Hainan International Tourism Consumption Center, tax exemption is equivalent to the state giving consumers benefits and must be regulated. "If the purchase is profitable, in order to make a difference in the purchase, it will make the country's policies change, and it is easy to destroy the normal development order of the market economy."

  "To help people take a photo of a product on their behalf, does the other party give me 10 yuan milk tea money as a profit?" Many netizens also expressed doubts. In this regard, Zhao Zuozhe, a special researcher at the Intellectual Property Center of China University of Political Science and Law, analyzed that even if each purchase fee involves only a few tens of yuan, it is also a profit-making purchase of tax-free goods for others. "As far as the current regulatory measures are concerned, there is indeed some controversy in the operation of how to determine re-sales and how to determine profit-making, but the main difficulty is that the re-sales behavior and purchasing behavior may be relatively hidden, which is difficult to find and investigate. "