China News Service Client, Beijing, July 9 (Zhang Xu) With China Eastern's "flying with the heart" gaining popularity, more and more airlines have set their sights on this new field. On July 6, HNA launched the product of "HNA flying freely, gathering together in the free trade port", which triggered another panic buying and the system was down twice.

  The airline's unique promotional products attracted popularity, gathered funds, and consumers also received ultra-low-cost air tickets, which is a good thing. However, the problems in the technology, after-sales service and other aspects of the "Xixianfei" products have caused a lot of complaints.

  " Fly with your heart" is difficult to grab, second-hand merchants increase prices

  On the first day of HNA's "Flying with Heart" product, the system collapsed twice. HNA requires that you register on the APP as a Jinpeng member before purchasing. Since the APP cannot be accessed normally during the panic buying, a large number of users have expressed dissatisfaction on Hainan Airlines Weibo.

  What is more serious is that some users found that the first batch of products sold out by Hainan Airlines was released at 10:58 on the 6th, even before the official release time of the product.

The sold-out announcement raised questions earlier than the sale time.

  In response to the reason why the release announcement was earlier than the release time, HNA customer service staff said that due to too many users accessing the APP, the announcement time display was abnormal, and the staff was optimizing the system.

  After the system was repaired, the time when the sold out announcement was issued was 13:36 on the 6th. However, the above explanation did not satisfy some consumers. Some consumers questioned the existence of suspected black-box operations and fraudulent consumers during the first batch of HNA product sales on Weibo.

  The reporter also found that on the second-hand platform trading website, there are merchants that sell and sell "fly as you like". Some people have to charge hundreds of yuan for the auction fee, while others directly sell the products that they photographed at a premium price. Each link has many buyer consultations.

"Suixinfei" was sold at a premium on a second-hand platform.

If you want to poke wool, you must bleed yourself

  According to the introduction of HNA, the products of “HNA Freely Fly and Get Together at the Free Trade Port” cover the domestic flights of Hainan’s inbound and outbound ports of 12 airlines under HNA. You can enjoy a voucher of 2880 yuan in China Hainan Duty Free Shop.

  It should be noted that, compared with the use time of China Eastern Airlines' "Flying on the Weekend", the date of HNA's flying on the fly avoids the eleventh Golden Week perfectly, and this period is the time when many office workers concentrate on traveling.

HNA's "flying with your heart" does not include the 11th Golden Week. Product rule screenshot

  HNA's "Fly With Heart" unabashedly conceals the intention of combining shopping with air travel. Ding Yongzheng, vice president of HNA Aviation and deputy director of the Commercial Committee, said: "The launch of the'HNA Airlines Flying Freely, Gathering Free Trade Port' package is to attract more mainland people to shop in Hainan more easily and enjoy the Free Trade Port Policy dividends for ordinary people."

  Zeng Huimin, who didn't grab China Eastern's "flying with the heart" and was keen on shopping, had great expectations for HNA's "flying with the heart". "I want to buy Hainan Airlines Xianxinfei mainly by giving away 2899 yuan of tax-free vouchers. I want to bring some tax-free items to my family and friends when I go on vacation. I only need to use the 2899 yuan vouchers to return the capital, and I will make no loss."

  But after studying the rules, she found, "I really want to scour the wool, but I need to bleed myself first." The rules show that buying watches over 5,000 yuan can only use 175 yuan vouchers, buying 1,000 yuan cosmetics can only use 100 yuan vouchers, and many international big names can not use coupons.

  "If you buy a package, you can't use any coupons. There are so many restrictions. If you don't spend tens of thousands of dollars in a trip, the voucher of 2899 yuan will not be used at all." Zeng Huimin finally gave up buying and decided to wait and see other airlines. Will similar products launched in the future be more favorable.

  Regarding consumers' complaints about the threshold of coupons, civil aviation expert Qi Qi told that the promotion provided by HNA's'Xinxinfei' product cannot cooperate with external resources, so it cannot form a closed loop like China Eastern. How many coupons are you willing to use to attract customers. Consumers need to understand marketing routines and choose products according to their needs."

According to the latest Hainan Islands' duty-free shopping policy, the tax-free shopping quota per person per year for tourists from outlying islands is 100,000 yuan per year, and unlimited times. Photo by reporter Wang Xiaobin

"Fly with your heart" travel dreams are hard to come by

  But even if you grab a "fly as you wish", it doesn't mean you can sit back and relax and come and go freely.

  Judging from China Eastern Airlines' "Fly As You Like" flight, which has been running for two weekends at present, there is a "run" phenomenon in the economy class of flights in hot cities during hot spots. Some consumers report that they originally thought very well when buying “Xpressi” products. They went on Saturday morning and returned on Sunday evening, but because of the large number of people who bought products, it was difficult to grab tickets.

  Lin Xue, who lives in Shanghai, tried "fly free" in the first week. The plan is to go to Chongqing to eat hot pot with friends on Saturday and come back on Sunday. The ticket exchange was successful, but the ticket from Shanghai to Chongqing was only available at night, and it was midnight to return to Shanghai on Sunday.

  Lin Xue felt that this time, "Wool Wool" had failed. "Although it is called "Flying with Hearts", the air tickets are cheaper during these hours, and the actual experience is more like selling special air tickets. If you can't exchange the tickets, or if you want to make the time planning more casual, you can only buy the tickets yourself. And this It was too tiring to come down, and it was very different from what I thought before. If there is no improvement afterwards, the plan for the weekend trip can only be ignored."

  In addition, China Eastern Airlines' "Flying on the Weekend" selected flights cannot be endorsed or rescheduled, which has caused some troubles for customers. On July 1st, Li Heyun used the "Xiaoxinfei" to redeem a round-trip ticket from Beijing to Lanzhou on July 4th and 5th, but received two notices of flight time changes two days before take-off. The time is 33 hours, and there are only 17 hours left after changing the time. This trip has nothing to do.

  HNA's "Fly to Heart" also has relevant provisions that show: "This product does not support rescheduling, endorsement, upgrades, etc. If the ticket cannot be traveled due to reasons, you must apply for a refund at least 48 hours in advance." In addition, if the user redeems the ticket 3 times If the product is not used and cancelled in advance, the purchased "HNA Freewheel" product will automatically expire, and you will not be able to enjoy any rights of Freewheel. The purchase price of the product will not be refunded.

The picture comes from the black cat complaint.

  After being disappointed, some consumers reflected on the black cat complaint, "I don’t know where to get it after purchasing the product, and the customer service cannot be connected." "Operation refunds the "Suixinfei" product, but shows "Applying users and Order does not match'".

  In addition, taking China Eastern Airlines as an example, on the Black Cat complaint platform, some passengers suggested that individual flights have tickets available for sale, but "Xpress Xian" can not be redeemed smoothly; the flight is changed and the redeemed ticket cannot be refunded. The initiative of "flying" is not in your hands at all; you want to unsubscribe the product and call the customer service phone without anyone connecting.

  In response to the above situation, China Eastern responded that the problem of unsuccessful redemption of tickets reflected by netizens has been quickly fixed after the technical problem of the positioning system. All flights can be booked when seats are sold in economy class, and there is no fixed quantity and ratio restrictions; all the restrictions of "Fly with Heart" have been expressly stated before passengers purchase, and the company will not add any restrictions after product sales; If the product is not reserved, you can apply for a full refund.

Can "Fly As You Want" save the airline?

  Behind the launch of the "Xpress-by-Fly" products by airline companies, it is the current situation of severe blood loss for airline companies under the impact of the epidemic. The International Air Transport Association predicts that the global aviation industry will lose $84.3 billion in 2020; according to incomplete statistics from CCTV News, this year, 17 airlines worldwide have gone bankrupt or closed down, covering all continents.

  In the recently released May transportation data, passenger transportation capacity of Air China, China Eastern Airlines, HNA and other airlines also showed a year-on-year downward trend.

The picture shows Hainan Airlines Cargo Charter. Photo courtesy of Zhang Yuan

  According to Qiqi, even if the occupancy rate is low, the airline's full set of guarantees is still in operation. The launch of the "Xpress as you fly" product can prevent the system from idling. "At present, the epidemic situation is slowing, but the willingness and confidence of consumers to travel is not enough. Low-cost promotion can promote the recovery of air travel demand."

  According to Feichangzhun's data, from June 27-28, China Eastern's "Xpressi Flying" products were used for the first weekend, and the first wave of early-passenger exchanges generated more than 65,000 tickets; the weekend just passed (July 4) -5th), nearly 90,000 people used the product.

  As China Eastern's popular weekend in-and-out cities, Shanghai and Chengdu's airport movements also showed an upward trend in the above two weekends, of which the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Chengdu Shuangliu Airport both resumed last year. About 90% of the same period.

  In response to the current situation of more "spit fly" products, Qi Qi suggested that airlines should not hide restrictive clauses. To be clear, it is best to use examples to tell consumers what discounts they can enjoy and what they have. limit.

  "It's a good wish to enjoy the best service at the lowest price, but after all, you can't ask for full-price products for promotional items, consumers also need to be more tolerant, and at the same time study the rules and choose the right products rationally to form a win-win situation. The situation." Qi Qi said.

  Have you bought an airline company's "Fly As You Want" product? Any suggestions? (Finish)