Successor to CITE, MaPrimeRénov 'can allow you to obtain up to € 20,000 to renovate your accommodation. - IStock / City Presse

In the family of aid for energy renovation of housing, there was until now a specific tax credit, said CITE. The problem is that you had to pay the work bill completely, then wait until you made your annual tax return to be able to deduct the cost of this work from your income tax.

An advance of costs that not everyone can afford ... The State has therefore decided to replace the energy transition tax credit with a direct premium called MaPrimeRénov 'on January 1, 2020.

A large choice of works

This new system merges CITE with the aid allocated by the National Housing Agency (Anah) within the framework of its “Living better agility” program. It allows a financial envelope to be obtained within four months of the request, in order to finance a wide range of insulation, ventilation, heating mode change or even connection to the heating networks and / or cold and carrying out an energy audit of your accommodation. Each pole of expenditure obeys a specific ceiling depending on household resources (modest or very modest household).

If most of the sites eligible in 2019 remain so in 2020, there are still a few missing: exit for example the gas microgeneration boiler, heating equipment powered by hydraulic energy and the energy performance diagnosis. Similarly, the items of expenditure covered by energy saving certificates (EWCs accessible to all) are excluded from MaPrimeRénov ', such as the insulation of lost roof spaces, low floors, the insulation of pipes and the brewers of 'air. Conversely, this new aid gives more value to the work allowing the greatest energy savings.

Precarious households first

Like CITE, MaPrimeRénov 'is intended for owners of dwellings built more than two years ago and which constitute their main residence. In the same way, it is necessary, as always, to call upon a professional labeled RGE ("guarantor of the environment"). However, an additional condition applies in 2020, since the State has opted for a progressive implementation of the aid. This year, only precarious households are therefore concerned. To be eligible, one must respect the usual resource ceilings of Anah. In 2020, a couple without children must for example display a maximum tax reference income of 27,896 euros (against 36,792 in Île-de-France) to benefit from the work ceilings intended for low-income households. In the same situation, the threshold is limited to 21,760 euros (30,225 in Île-de-France) for a very modest household.

In all cases, the total amount of MaPrimeRénov 'is capped at 20,000 euros per accommodation over five years. However, it can be combined with other aids, in particular energy saving certificates and assistance from Action Logement, for the same work.

The CITE for middle income

The energy transition tax credit (CITE) must be completely eliminated in 2021. Until then, it continues to support households that are not eligible for MaPrimeRénov '. But, from now on, only households with so-called “intermediate” incomes can claim this transitional ISCED. A married couple without children must display a reference tax income between 27,896 and 44,124 euros (between 36,792 and 53,210 euros in Île-de-France) to be eligible. 

Likewise, the calculation method has been changed. While the amount of the tax credit previously corresponded to a percentage of the cost of the site (15%, 30% or 50%), CITE 2020 consists of a fixed price per type of work, within the limit of a double ceiling. Expenses cannot in fact exceed 2,400 euros over five years for a single person or 4,800 euros for a married or PACS couple, without being able to exceed 75% of the eligible costs.


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To inquire

It is possible to request your MaPrimeRénov online on the official website: To get the help of an advisor, go to the government platform or via 0 808 800 700 (free service + call price). You can also simulate all the aid you can benefit from to finance your work. * To obtain the 2020 conditions of CITE, go to, the site of the Environment and Energy Management Agency.

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