• Interview.Ángel Gurría: "This crisis is a perfect storm against Spain. The less dialogue there is, the blacker everything will get"
  • Economy: The OECD places Spain at the head of the global economic collapse in 2020 with a 14.4% drop after the virus

The 56% of workers in Spain develop an activity with risk of infection by coronavirus. It is the highest figure among all the countries that are part of the OECD, and far exceeds the levels presented by Germany, France, the United Kingdom or Belgium.

"The proportion of workers employed in activities at risk varies from 39% in Luxembourg to 56% in Spain, reflecting the differences in the labor structure of the countries. Women [except in Greece] and younger workers are more likely of working in 'at risk' jobs in all countries, "notes the document The Safety of Workers and the Covid-19 Crisis, which the agency published on Tuesday. And the same is true, he adds, with "workers with low incomes, since they frequently take on jobs that, under normal conditions, expose them to physical contact and an increased risk of infection."

The report, which just two days after the OECD secretary general, Ángel Gurría, warned in an interview with this newspaper of the serious consequences that the crisis will have for the Spanish economy, bases the risk measurement on contact physical activity required. And in Spain, where a large part of the population is dedicated to the service sector, the figures are consequently very remarkable.

Furthermore, the OECD estimates that around 20% of workers carry out activities that require little or some physical contact. And the remaining 26% can do their work from home . This figure is in line with the one that the Bank of Spain provided a few months ago when it indicated that 30% of those employed could telework. However, the regulator itself estimated that just 8% of these jobs are carried out remotely, so if this circumstance is taken into account, activities with physical contact or even risk could actually present higher figures.

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