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Mercadona will implement the 5 + 2 working day in all its stores starting on August 3 . The measure, which is incorporated after having carried out a time test in 31 supermarkets, will allow all store personnel to work 5 days a week and enjoy 2 days off.

In addition, it introduces a pioneering initiative in the sector, since all Mercadona supermarket workers will have 8 long weekends a year (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) .

This has been signed by the company chaired by Juan Roig with the Intercentre Company Committee, formed by the General Union of Workers (UGT) and Workers Commissions (CCOO), within the framework of the Collective Agreement Observatory that the social representation and the company created in 2019 to promote measures of this type, they have announced in a joint statement.

In this way, Mercadona wants to reinforce its "commitment to stable and quality employment" and to the implementation of "pioneering work and family reconciliation measures", which the company has carried out for more than 25 years, when it decided start the process of converting the entire template to fixed.

The measure is the result of the company's commitment to creating value for its workforce, as well as the work carried out by the Observatory, whose "fluid dialogue" allows the study and implementation of proposals such as those currently agreed between Mercadona and the unions, highlights the statement.

The sector secretary of commerce of the FeSMC of UGT, Ana Micó , has valued the "substantial modification" of the working conditions that are now initialed as a "benchmark in the commerce sector and specifically in the supermarket sector".

Starting on August 3, Mercadona workers will be able to enjoy 2 weekly rest days and 8 "quality" weekends a year made up of Saturday, Sunday and Monday. "It is the materialization of a commitment that UGT maintained with its employees and for which it has worked intensively and exhaustively for a year and a half," he stressed.

Also the state head of Commerce of the Federation of Services of CCOO, Ángeles Rodríguez , stressed that this agreement represents a "milestone for the supermarket sector in Spain". The Mercadona staff, he pointed out, will be "the first in the sector" to be able to enjoy three days off in a row: Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

For CCOO this agreement is an "example of what can be achieved from a forward-looking negotiation, and shows that measures can be applied in the trade sector that allow a better reconciliation of work and personal life."


From the company, the director of Labor Relations of Mercadona, Ruth García , has celebrated that this is "a very special day for Mercadona because the 5 + 2 working day represents a very important step in the continuous improvement of working conditions that characterizes the company for more than 25 years. "

During all this time, there have been many initiatives incorporated, from betting on stable and quality employment, to doing it decisively for equality; or share 25% of the profit generated with the workforce , strengthen the reconciliation measures and that the minimum wage in Mercadona is 50% higher than the Interprofessional Minimum Wage when a person has been in our company for 4 years, something that currently happens with 90 % Of the template.

"We are convinced that this is the way to continue improving. And also, that none of these measures would be a reality today without our Total Quality Model and the contributions of the workers, the workers and their union representatives. They are, without a doubt, the people who form Mercadona, those who contribute to our continued advancement to be at the forefront and be a pioneer in labor and social aspects, "concludes the director of Labor Relations at Mercadona, Ruth García.

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