China News Service, July 6th, according to the Ministry of Commerce website, recently, the Ministry of Commerce issued the "Announcement on the Adjustment of the "Implementation of Import Report Management of Major Agricultural Products Catalogues"" (Ministry of Commerce Announcement No. 23 of 2020), since 2020 From July 1st, the tariff and extra sugar will be included in the "Catalogue of Imported Agricultural Products" (hereinafter referred to as the "Catalogue"), and the import report management of bulk agricultural products will be implemented.

  According to the "Administrative Measures for Import Reports and Information Release of Bulk Agricultural Products (Trial)" (Order No. 10 of 2008 of the Ministry of Commerce), in order to maintain the order of foreign trade, protect the legitimate rights and interests of operators, and provide bulk agricultural product import information services. Foreign trade operators who import bulk agricultural products under the "Catalogue" should file with the entrusted organization the basic situation of the enterprise and fulfill their import reporting obligations. Entrusted by the Ministry of Commerce, the organization reports to the Ministry of Commerce on the import information of bulk agricultural products, and puts forward opinions and suggestions. The Ministry of Commerce regularly publishes bulk agricultural product import information under the "Catalogue" on the "Commercial Agricultural Product Import Information Column" of the Ministry of Commerce government website. Regarding foreign trade operators who violate regulations, relevant departments will punish them in accordance with law and regulations.

  The person in charge of the Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Commerce said that the inclusion of tariffs and additional sugar in bulk agricultural product import reports and information release management is conducive to operating companies to comprehensively and timely understand the overall situation of China's sugar imports, enhance market analysis, judgment and grasping ability, and adjust import rhythm in a timely manner. To avoid centralized arrival and blind imports, reduce the risk of production and operation and market fluctuations; help government departments strengthen the market's macro guidance, play the role of import monitoring and early warning, and improve the level of public services; conducive to the sugar industry's cohesion, healthy operation, and strengthening Self-discipline promotes the industry towards high-quality development. The Ministry of Commerce supports enterprises to make full use of two markets and two resources to develop sugar trade in accordance with laws and regulations; supports the reasonable utilization of existing sugar production capacity, maintains the coordinated development of the upstream and downstream industry chains of the industry, and improves the international competitiveness of the industry; , Guide enterprises to orderly import, and maintain order in the industry.