Subscription service that pays monthly to regularly watch books and videos is now crossing the field. In hot weather, there was an unusual service to subscribe from iced cups to freshly baked bread.

I am a reporter.


Large ice cubes slide out of the ice maker and pack finely crushed ice in a cup.

As the day gets hotter and the number of people looking for it increases, the convenience store handed out an ice cup commuter pass.

[I will pay for the ice cup commuter pass.] It

is popular among the frugal people because you can take a cup of ice every day during the subscription period.

[Yoon Han-bi/Seoul Seodaemun: Because it's hot, I often use ice cups, but if I use it as a commuter pass, it can be used for half the price... .]

There is also a subscription service that delivers a wide variety of sweets from popular products to freshly launched products.

[Cho Min-ji/Seoul Yeongdeungpo-gu: It's a bit annoying to go to (Mart) every time, but it's a lot more fun to say that you collect and send it like this


[Kim Jung-hyuk/ Confectionary Marketing Team Leader: It seems to have the advantage of being able to attract fixed customers rather than causing a huge increase in sales right now.]

Large department stores also worry about side dishes every week, starting with'bread subscription', which provides freshly baked bread every day. We have provided a variety of subscription services, including'subscription subscription', which relieves you.

[Kim Eun-hee / Seoul Nowon-gu: (to the department store) I came twice a week.

Since I came every day with a bread subscription, I came more often.] After the corona, offline companies, whose performance has plummeted because of the bloating, are trying to catch loyal customers through subscription services.

[Seo Yong-gu/Professor of Business Administration, Sookmyung Women's University: Being a subscriber is bound to be loyal to the brand… .]

Analyzing the consumption pattern of subscription consumers will save logistics costs and predict future demand, so competition for subscription services is expected to intensify.

(Video editing: Jong-tae Kim, VJ: Min-gu Jung)