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So the government is thinking about ways to punish people who break common sense and endanger everyone. In particular, it has continued to fight people who point to it without wearing a mask on the bus or subway recently, but decided to take responsibility.

Reporter Kim Ki-tae.

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is the government's opinion that most cases of regional infections that occurred recently are due to the fact that the confirmers did not properly comply with the quarantine rules.

I believe that if such a collective infection spreads across the country, it could develop into a much more serious situation than in Daegu and Gyeongbuk in the past.

As a result, the government decided to strengthen the responsibilities and duties of quarantine for not only business owners but also individuals.

If a violation is confirmed, such as not wearing a mask, in a place where compliance with the quarantine regulations is obliged, you will be held liable, such as a complaint.

[Jung Se-Gyun/Prime Minister: We will actively exercise the right to remedy such as reimbursement of medical expenses or compensation for damages if an infection spreads to others or the local community due to the intention or negligence of the confirmed person.]

In addition, fines are paid for prompt administrative measures for individual violations We have also decided to promote amendments to related laws such as new establishments.

In Corona 19, 1,71 people have been investigated by police for the prevention of infectious diseases.

The largest number of people violated the containment measures, followed by violations of the prohibition of assembly and violations of the assembly.

Of those, 492 were sent to prosecution.

The government judged that the average number of new confirmed people per day in the community in the past two weeks has slightly decreased from the previous two weeks, and it is not a situation to raise the'social distance' stage.

This explains that the number of foreign patients has increased, but it can be managed within the quarantine system.

(Video editing: Kim Jong-tae)