Li Jiaqi fell to "Shanghai"

  This week, the Shanghai Chongming District Government announced the public list of the first batch of special talents to be settled in 2020, and Li Jiaqi, the live webcast anchor, ranked first. The city where he worked hard finally gave him the greatest recognition.

  Li Jiaqi: I am in the fourth year of (webcast) this year. After more than four years, it should be almost 10,000 hours. I think that I am in the industry of live broadcast e-commerce. I really put all my passions and all my own status into this work at 20:15 every day. I just click on the button to start. I think everything will be worth it.

  Starting from 20:15 in the evening, the live broadcast lasted for more than 4 hours. Li Jiaqi continuously promoted 40 products, including beauty, food and clothing appliances. He always kept his emotions high and his speech fast. The display time of each product was only six or seven minutes. At the last moment, the purchase link was released, and it was sold out by netizens within tens of seconds.

  Li Jiaqi still maintains a record of 389 live broadcasts in a year, and the number of fans on his entire network is close to 80 million. The e-commerce platform claims that Li Jiaqi's sales per person are worth a single store. In a live broadcast room where no day or night was visible, he never seemed tired.

  Li Jiaqi: The broadcast will start on time at 20:15. Three to four hours of live broadcast time. After the broadcast is over, we will start the data review.

  After finishing the live broadcast in the early morning, the team has to sit down and review the indicators of the live broadcast. Which sells well, which returns many, how long the viewer stays, each number affects the traffic in the live broadcast room, and traffic is the core of everything. The rematch will continue until 4 o'clock in the morning, almost every day.

  Li Jiaqi: Every time I go home at 4 o'clock in the morning, I look at the elevated in the car, and then look at the night view of Shanghai. In fact, Shanghai at 4 o'clock in the morning is still very bright. I think it is a city that will make me feel like I have a hard dream, and it will give me many opportunities.

  When Li Jiaqi moved to Shanghai in 2017, the industry of webcasting was just starting. Previously, he was a shopping guide at a cosmetics counter in Nanchang. In early 2017, in order to compete, the e-commerce platform included a large number of experienced make-up shopping guides for live broadcasting. Li Jiaqi was one of them. He has excellent eloquence and strong performance desire, which is in line with the company's positioning for female users' shopping guide. At that time, in order to attract more fans, Li Jiaqi could test 189 lipsticks in a live broadcast, and remove makeup and rubbed his lips. He dare not take a break, because as long as one day is interrupted, fans may be attracted to other live rooms.

  Before the successful launch of Li Jiaqi, Meiwan Company launched 200 anchors in one go and wanted to quickly occupy the market, but in the end, only Li Jiaqi was able to break out of the encirclement. The current live broadcast room is no longer a stage for Li Jiaqi alone, and more than 100 employees of the entire company are running around him. Every day at two o'clock in the afternoon, Li Jiaqi will go to the company to start selecting products. One or two hundred products, no more than 5% of them are selected.

  Li Jiaqi is looking for a balance from the exaggerated voice. During the period of soaring fans, he is too eager to sell products. Several mistakes have occurred in the live broadcast, causing fans to doubt the quality of the product.

  Li Jiaqi: When we are live broadcasting, we may display the form, including when we call the product, including some problems of the "Advertising Law", there will be more or less stepping on thunder, so when we are in the live broadcast room, our work Staff, they will also learn these laws and regulations from time to time, but what we say now will be a little bit more, that is, we hope that every word we say is responsible

  Li Jiaqi witnessed a new kind of job growing from scratch. In May this year, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Welfare announced the upcoming occupations, including "Internet Marketing Engineer". The true career door is open to countless people who are pouring into the live broadcast industry.

  Li Jiaqi: First of all, this identification is a good recognition for our e-commerce anchors. Second, I think that because e-commerce live broadcast is an emerging industry, it has developed in about three or four years, so In this process, many anchors are uneven, including the form of live broadcast is also uneven, so I think that this can go, can not be said to constrain us, is to regulate some standards of our industry. That Jiaqi has also made mistakes before, and we have also stepped on some mines before. Then we just need to correct our laws and regulations in time to do the best thing together. I think this is the most important thing.

  As a leader in the live broadcast industry, Li Jiaqi wants to work hard to understand his professional value. He will participate in some poverty alleviation and farming activities, selling 400,000 catties of rice and 50,000 cans of walnuts within 5 seconds. During the epidemic, he also cooperated with CCTV News to "take goods" for Hubei's agricultural products. A live broadcast had sales of tens of millions of yuan. His success has long been the spiritual "chicken soup" of countless network anchors, but apart from overloading pressure and brutal elimination, there has never been a second Li Jiaqi.

  Li Jiaqi: Many people say they want to copy a Li Jiaqi out, and many companies are doing such things to copy Li Jiaqi. I think that copying forever is impossible. I think the one thing I want to tell you is everyone’s success. It's all different. People do what you like to do in this life and do it to the extreme. I think this is a very successful thing.

  This week, the Shanghai Chongming District Government announced the public announcement list of the first batch of special talent introduction and settlement in 2020, and Li Jiaqi ranked first. The city where he worked hard finally gave him the greatest recognition.

  Li Jiaqi: I am in Shanghai, it has given me a lot of help, because Shanghai supports and assists such small and medium-sized enterprises a lot. With or without the Shanghai account, I hope to grow together with Shanghai. I hope I can Shanghai's e-commerce is that this industry will get better and better.

  The introduction of Li Jiaqi in Shanghai is indeed very topical news, but it is very normal to think about it. On the one hand, Shanghai has shown to the whole society that Shanghai has ideas and methods for the Internet economy, especially the live broadcast economy. On the one hand, there are new leaders in every era entering the talent queue. Li Jiaqi is an excellent talent in the field of live broadcast and delivery. Everyone should have no idea about this!