China News Service, Fuzhou, July 4th (Shen Jinzhou, Ye Qiuyun) A reporter learned from Fuzhou Customs on the 4th that the State Council recently approved the integration and optimization of Fuzhou Bonded Port Area into Fuzhou Jiangyin Port Comprehensive Bonded Area, adding to the high-quality development of high-quality foreign trade in Fujian. New platforms, build new engines, and inject new momentum.

  It is understood that the integrated and optimized Fuzhou Jiangyin Port Comprehensive Bonded Area has a total area of ​​2.64 square kilometers. It will give full play to the unique advantages of Jiangyin vehicle import ports, port resources, sea-rail combined transportation, and focus on the development of bonded processing, bonded logistics, bonded services, and other businesses. Promote the development of new business formats such as vehicle bonded warehousing and display transactions, imported cotton bonded warehousing, bonded fuel oil, and cross-border e-commerce, and gradually foster the formation of three major port-based pillar industries of vehicle imports, shipping logistics, and bonded warehousing logistics.

  According to Fuzhou Customs, the Comprehensive Bonded Zone is a special customs supervision area established by my country with reference to international free trade zones. It is an important platform for an open economy and plays an important role in developing foreign trade, attracting foreign investment, and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading.

  Fuzhou Customs stated that the Customs will implement closed management of the comprehensive bonded area, overseas goods will be bonded or exempted from entering the zone, and the goods will enter the zone and be sold outside the zone to go through customs declaration procedures in accordance with the relevant regulations on the import of goods; ; Goods transactions between enterprises in the zone are exempt from VAT and consumption tax.

  This year, in order to advance the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic and economic and social development, and do a good job of stabilizing foreign trade and foreign investment, Fuzhou Customs further promotes reform and innovation in the fields of customs management system, supervision mode, and service functions. Fuzhou Customs stated that the customs has introduced 11 measures to support the development of a comprehensive bonded zone, through the implementation of the "four self and one simplified" supervision system, "Internet + bonded" supervision, and "cross-border e-commerce business model of "entry zone rebates and later exports", etc., Continuously cultivate new kinetic energy and new advantages of the comprehensive bonded zone, help stabilize the basic foreign trade plate, and promote the integrated bonded zone to become a "propeller" to promote stable growth of foreign trade and an "incubator" of independent innovation. (Finish)