JA Zenchu ​​chairman election Election of Mr. Toru Nakaie's incumbent office is announced on July 3, 18:45

JA Zenchuu = National Agricultural Cooperative Central Association election was held to select a new chairman, and Mr. Toru Nakaya, chairman of Wakayama Central Association, has been reappointed as an incumbent chairman.

The Tokushima Chuokai, Chairman Shojiro Nakanishi (69) and the chairman of Wakayama Chuokai, the current chairman of JA, Toru Nakake (70), were used for the election of the chairman of JA due to the expiration of his term. The person was running.

By the 3rd, about 250 people, including union heads from all over the country, voted, and the current position, Mr. Nakake, received 157 votes and was nominated for reappointment.

Japan's food self-sufficiency rate reached a record low of 37% in FY2018, and the stable supply of food is an issue.

Mr Nakaya stated that he will "establish food security through support for small and medium-sized family-owned farmers and cultivating understanding for consumers," when he ran for candidates last month.

Mr Nakaya will be officially reappointed as chairman at the JA General Assembly next month.