Air France will present Friday at an extraordinary central social and economic committee (CSEC) its vast economic plan, which provides for 7,500 job cuts. The company, hit hard by the economic crisis, wants to become profitable again and accelerate its ecological transition. 

Air France is preparing for a drastic austerity cure. The group convenes all day Friday an extraordinary central social and economic committee (CSEC), which must ratify a vast economic plan. This plan, announced Tuesday, includes the elimination of 7,500 positions, mainly voluntary departures.

The company, hit hard like the entire aviation sector by the economic crisis linked to the coronavirus, hopes to both become profitable and accelerate its ecological transition. Europe 1 presents the main lines. 

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Removal of many interior lines 

Air France will therefore abolish, officially for ecological reasons, all flights departing from Orly which are less than 2 hours 30 minutes by train. The lines for Nantes, Bordeaux and Lyon will thus be closed, destinations on which Air France had in any case lost the fight against the SNCF. Domestic lines between two unprofitable provincial cities will also be stopped, such as the Metz-Marseille link.

These line cuts concern the French subsidiary Hop !, which will be strongly impacted by this social plan.


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Clear cuts at Hop !, Transavia will provide flights to France 

Management also assures him: the costs are far too high at Hop. Impossible to straighten the branch without drastic reduction, we assume in the highest place. The regional company, which currently has some 2,400 full-time equivalent positions from union sources, will be particularly affected by the job cuts: just over 1,000 are to disappear. 

In exchange, and it will be a revolution, the low cost subsidiary Transavia will provide flights to France. Air France is today too attacked by low cost on many destinations like Paris-Toulouse, so it intends to react "with a suitable product", they say internally. Air France will also maintain its investments in new aircraft. The goal: to reduce its level of pollution and especially to return to the world race with more modern cabins.