Zhongxin Jingwei Client, July 2 (Xinhua). In response to the market news that CITIC Securities will merge with CITIC Construction Investment, CITIC Securities and CITIC Construction Investment respectively issued clarification announcements on the evening of July 2.

  Screenshot source: CITIC Securities Announcement

  CITIC Securities announced that on the afternoon of July 2, 2020, CITIC Securities noticed that there were media reports that CITIC Group would acquire shares of CITIC Construction Investment. CITIC Securities and CITIC Construction Investment had internally agreed on a merger plan. CITIC Securities stated that as of the date of this announcement, the company has not been informed about the above-mentioned rumors and there is no undisclosed information that should be disclosed.

Screenshot source: CITIC Construction Investment Announcement

  CITIC Construction Investment announced that on the afternoon of July 2, 2020, CITIC Construction Investment noted that there were media reports that the company’s party committee had approved the approval of China CITIC Group Co., Ltd. to acquire the second largest shareholder of the company, Central Huijin Investment Co., Ltd. Relevant plans of the company's shares held by the company to promote the merger of CITIC Securities shares and the company. CITIC Construction Investment pointed out that as of now, the company has not convened the Party Committee to consider and approve the relevant plans mentioned in the above rumors, nor has it received any written or oral information from shareholders on the above rumors. CITIC Construction Investment does not exist and should not be disclosed Information.

  Both CITIC Securities and CITIC Construction Investment are leading domestic brokers. It is worth noting that as early as April this year, there was news that CITIC Securities would merge with CITIC Construction Investment. In response, the two companies issued separate clarification announcements at the time, stating that no relevant information was obtained.

  In the secondary market, both stocks performed strongly today. Among them, CITIC Construction Investment closed with a daily limit at 43.36 yuan/share, up 29.99% in the past 10 days. CITIC Securities closed up 5.42%, reported 26.06 yuan / share, up 14% in the past 10 days; CITIC Securities Hong Kong stocks rose 10.5%, reported at 16.20 Hong Kong dollars / share. (China-Singapore Jingwei APP)