In Toulouse, 3,500 jobs are threatened by the social plan decided by the management of Airbus. "We come to work, we do exactly the same job but we don't leave with a smile like three months ago," said an employee.

At the Airbus headquarters in Toulouse, the next few days look complicated. The social plan announced by the management of the aircraft manufacturer provides for just over 3,500 job cuts in Toulouse, including 2,398 in production, 980 at headquarters and more than 200 in subsidiaries in the city. In total, 10% of the Occitanie site's workforce could disappear. The employees, who had not prepared to see the firm vacillate in just a few months, are in shock. Europe 1 went there. 

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Maxime, who entered the Airbus high school 7 7 years ago, was hired in 2016 on an assembly line. His future, he hardly imagines elsewhere. But since the announcements of the management plan, the atmosphere has changed when it comes to work. "We come to work, we do exactly the same job but we don't leave with a smile like three months ago," he says. 

"Everything stopped suddenly" 

David is also a blue collar worker, and he does not want to leave the company either. He did not imagine that Toulouse, where 3,500 jobs are threatened, is paying such a heavy price. "With all the colleagues, we do not really know where it will fall. Everyone is asking questions. We know that the crisis has a big impact on tourism and aeronautics. But we did not expect that Airbus, which is the main contractor, is laying off so much. 4 to 5 months ago we were in the midst of a boom, with 600 hires. Everything stopped suddenly, "laments -he. 


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Guillaume Faury, the executive chairman of the European group, said Thursday that some 3,500 jobs could be saved at the aircraft manufacturer if Germany and France help. In Toulouse, Airbus and its subsidiaries employ around 25,000 people.