Mitsubishi Aircraft Debt Overrun ¥464.6 billion Impact of space jet development costs 13:55, July 1

It turned out that the Mitsubishi Aircraft, which develops the first domestic passenger jet "Mitsubishi Spacejet", fell into debt of 464.6 billion yen at the end of March. This was because the development cost swelled due to a large delay in the delivery of the first machine, and it fell into a huge final deficit.

Regarding the financial results of Mitsubishi Aircraft in the fiscal year ending March 31, the final profit and loss fell to a deficit of 526.9 billion yen because the delivery time of the first Mitsubishi Space Jet was significantly delayed and the development cost expanded. did.

As a result, debt fell into excess debt over assets, and the total amount was 464.6 billion yen.

Mitsubishi Aircraft was in debt of approximately 100 billion yen even in the settlement of accounts for the fiscal year ending March, and then the debt was abandoned by its parent company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which resolved the debt indebtedness. Has greatly exceeded the assets.

In addition to the deterioration of business performance, Mitsubishi Aircraft has reduced the number of employees of approximately 2000 to less than half, and closed two overseas bases, while demand for aircraft is not expected due to the spread of new coronavirus infection Has been significantly reduced, and the business environment is becoming more severe.