A convenience store major that starts to charge shopping bags sells for 3 yen per piece 12:13 on July 1st

From the 1st, retail stores nationwide have been obliged to charge for shopping bags, and some convenience stores in Tokyo even saw shoppers who did not use shopping bags.

Three major convenience stores will sell shopping bags, including shopping bags mixed with biomass materials, for 3 yen per piece, except for a part from 1st.

At FamilyMart stores, the clerk asked the shopper if it was necessary to inform them that the shopping bag was charged.

Some of the customers brought back the items they purchased without using shopping bags or packed the items in their own bags and brought them home.

A woman in her 60s who brought her bag said, “I'm concerned about the environmental impact, so I want to bring my bag as much as possible.”

Up to now, an average of 600 shopping bags were distributed at this convenience store, but in the future, some people who declined the shopping bags could give their own coupons to purchase shopping bags. We would like to increase the percentage of people who do not use it to 60%, which is twice as high as before.

Mr. Yuji Higuchi of the Public Relations Department of FamilyMart said, "I would like to make various efforts as a chain to reduce the environmental impact."

On the other hand, some retailers and restaurant chains distribute grocery bags containing 25% or more of biomass material free of charge, and the response is divided.