NTT and Mitsubishi Corporation to cooperate in renewable energy power generation business 12:19 on June 30

NTT and Mitsubishi Corporation have solidified their policy of cooperating in this field by jointly participating in the power generation business of renewable energy such as solar power and wind power.

According to the people concerned, NTT and Mitsubishi Corporation have decided to establish a policy of cooperating in the field of renewable energy and will officially announce it in the near future.

Specifically, they are considering jointly participating in businesses such as solar power generation and offshore wind power generation.

In addition, NTT plans to install storage batteries at telephone stations nationwide and to supply electricity to local governments in the event of a disaster.In cooperation with this initiative, we will deploy storage batteries at stores of Lawson, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation. Is to do.

Last year, NTT and Mitsubishi Corporation have formed a business alliance in areas such as streamlining logistics using digital technology, and would like to deepen cooperation in the energy field.

In addition to these alliances, NTT plans to focus on the renewable energy business as a pillar of future growth business, investing 100 billion yen annually to generate 7.5 million kilowatts of power generation capacity by 2030. We plan to increase it by 25 times.