Mr. Masuda, President of Japan Post, expresses his apology for the application of sustainable benefit for employees June 30, 16:23

About 120 employees of Japan Post and Japan Post Insurance applied for sustained benefits against new coronavirus measures against the purpose, all of the parent company Hiroya Masuda of Japan Post has a procedure such as withdrawal of application Clarified that it is proceeding.

In the case of sole proprietors, a maximum of 1 million yen will be paid as a sustainable benefit to persons whose business income has decreased significantly.

The employee in charge of insurance sales receives business allowance as business income in addition to salary, and since the summer of last year has been refraining from sales due to the problem of improper sales, he is trying to supplement his income with benefits. It is believed to have been done.

President Masuda decided at an online press conference on the 30th that the decrease in employee income was not mainly due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. I apologize."