China News Service, June 30, according to the Ministry of Commerce website, the Ministry of Commerce monitoring showed that last week (June 22-28) the national market price of edible agricultural products increased by 1.4% from the previous week, the increase was 0.8 percentage points lower than the previous week The market price of means of production rose 0.1% from the previous week.

Data Map: A supermarket in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, consumers are buying pork. China News Service reporter Zhang Yunshe

  Edible agricultural products market: The prices of grain and oil increased slightly, among which the prices of soybean oil, rice, flour and peanut oil increased by 0.3%, 0.2%, 0.2% and 0.1% respectively from the previous week, and the price of rapeseed oil decreased by 0.1%. The prices of poultry products dropped slightly, and the wholesale prices of eggs and white stripe chickens fell 0.6% and 0.1% respectively from the previous week. The price of meat increased slightly, of which the wholesale price of pork was 44.66 yuan per kilogram, up 2.9% from the previous week, a decrease of 2.2 percentage points; the wholesale price of lamb increased by 0.6%, and the wholesale price of beef fell by 0.1%. The prices of aquatic products have increased, and the wholesale prices of crucian carp, giant octopus and silver carp have risen by 3.1%, 1.8% and 1.5% respectively. Affected by factors such as the increase in heavy rainfall and weather, the average wholesale price of 30 kinds of vegetables was 4.36 yuan per kilogram, up 3.1% from the previous week. The average wholesale prices of 6 kinds of fruits decreased by 1.4%, of which the wholesale prices of watermelon, apple and banana decreased by 3.7%, 2.5% and 1.8% respectively.

  Means of Production Market: The prices of non-ferrous metals rose slightly, with copper and aluminum prices rising by 1.8% and 0.3% respectively, and zinc prices remained basically flat. The prices of basic chemical raw materials have risen steadily, of which the prices of methanol, sulfuric acid and polypropylene have increased by 0.7%, 0.6% and 0.2% respectively, and the prices of soda ash have remained basically the same. The prices of steel products fluctuated slightly. The prices of ordinary mid-plate and channel steel were 4074 yuan and 3962 yuan per ton, up 0.2% and 0.1% respectively. The prices of high-speed wire rod and rebar were 3963 yuan and 3867 yuan, respectively, both down 0.1%. . Coal prices were generally stable, including thermal coal prices of 551 yuan per ton, basically flat, coking coal prices of 739 yuan per ton, up 0.1%, and No. 2 anthracite lump coal prices of 900 yuan per ton, down 0.2%. The wholesale price of refined oil fluctuated slightly, among which the price of No. 0 diesel decreased by 0.2%, the price of No. 92 gasoline increased by 0.2%, and the price of No. 95 gasoline remained unchanged. The price of rubber has declined steadily, of which the price of synthetic rubber has fallen by 0.7% and the price of natural rubber has remained flat. The price of chemical fertilizers declined slightly, with the prices of urea and ternary compound fertilizers falling by 0.3% and 0.2%, respectively.