China News Network Guangzhou, June 30 (Cai Minjie, Huang Mingliang) "Analysis Report on the Operating Capability of China's Autonomous Vehicles (2019-2020)" was released in Guangzhou on the 30th. According to the report, Guangzhou Autonomous Driving is about to step into the cancellation of safety officers and enter a new phase of 5G remote driving at the operational level.

  The above report was prepared by the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Autonomous Driving Industry Alliance Secretariat. The report said that self-driving cars have many benefits in terms of safety, energy saving, environmental protection and flexibility.

  The industry generally believes that the first application area for self-driving cars is operating the taxi industry, and the key to landing is to establish a healthy and sustainable business model.

  For example, due to factors such as the high labor intensity and low income of taxi drivers in recent years, the industry has become less attractive. Autonomous driving can reduce the labor costs and management operating costs of taxi drivers and make up for the problems caused by labor shortages.

At present, Guangzhou Autonomous Driving Road Test requires a safety officer Huang Mingliang

  At present, compared with traditional taxis, self-driving cars need to be equipped with safety officers and additional self-driving kits. Among the various costs, the cost of some models of self-driving cars is basically the same as that of traditional taxis, and the cost of safety personnel is basically the same as that of taxi drivers. According to the characteristics of the transformation process, the cost of self-driving kits has been more than 2 million per car two years ago. Yuan, fell to about 1 million yuan, and showed a continuous downward trend.

  In terms of improving road traffic safety, according to the China Statistical Yearbook, there were more than 240,000 traffic accidents in 2018, causing direct property losses of more than 1.3 billion yuan. The report believes that self-driving cars can avoid most driving safety risks when facing unexpected emergencies.

  According to the report, incomplete statistics, more than 30 provinces and municipalities across the country have issued intelligent connected vehicle test management regulations or implementation rules that allow for open driving tests for autonomous driving.

  In addition, among the cities that have opened autonomous driving road tests nationwide, the cities that have opened manned test permits are Guangzhou, Changsha, Shanghai, Wuhan, Cangzhou, and Beijing.

  Unmanned is the ultimate goal of the development of autonomous driving. According to the report, at present, self-driving road tests need to be equipped with safety officers, and the core competitive advantages of self-driving cars have not yet been fully utilized. Wenyuan Zhixing (Wenyuan Yuexing), based on the launch of autonomous driving travel services in Guangzhou, is using 5G, Internet of Vehicles (LTE-V2X) millisecond low-latency service support, and is about to step into the cancellation of safety officers and into operation-level 5G remote New stage of driving.

  According to reports, based on the current scale of 100 vehicles, Wenyuan Zhixing's driverless fleet plans to reach 260 vehicles next year. (Finish)