"CEATEC" held online Real-time business negotiation system introduced June 15 at 15:41

"CEATEC", one of the largest exhibitions of electronic devices in Asia that will be held online as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, aims to be an online exhibition only by introducing a system that allows visitors and exhibitors to conduct real-time business negotiations. I am.

"CEATEC", which is held in October every year, is held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City as an exhibition of the largest electronic devices in Asia, but this time it is held online as a new coronavirus countermeasure. It has been decided that

On the 30th, the organizer announced the outline of the exhibition, and with the theme of "new lifestyle" aiming at both infection prevention of new coronavirus and economic activity, the latest medical technology and technology that supports remote communication, etc. I made it clear that I will introduce it in the video.

In addition, as an initiative to take advantage of the advantages of online, we will introduce a system that allows visitors to have real-time dialogues with the representatives of exhibiting companies and conduct business negotiations.

With the consent of the visitors, the exhibiting company will be able to understand the history of people who browsed the homepage, etc., and would like to encourage new businesses.

"CEATEC" will be held online for four days starting October 20th.