China News Service Client, Beijing, June 30 (Reporter Li Jinlei) Hainan Islands' tax-free shopping policy ushered in the biggest adjustment in history. Going to Hainan to buy duty-free commodities from July, not only has the quota increased to 100,000 yuan, but also there are more types of duty-free commodities, fewer purchase restrictions, and the buying and buying experience will be greatly improved.

The picture shows tourists buying goods at the Haikou Riyue Plaza Duty Free Shop. Photo by Luo Yunfei

Tax-free shopping quota increased to 100,000 yuan

  On June 29, the Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs, and the State Administration of Taxation issued the “Announcement on Tax-Free Shopping Policies for Hainan Islands Travelers”, which will be implemented from July 1, 2020.

  Among them, the tax-free shopping quota has increased significantly, from 30,000 yuan per person to 100,000 yuan per year. Moreover, the tax-free limit of 8,000 yuan for a single product is cancelled.

  Outlying island passengers are those who have reached the age of 16 and have purchased outlying island air tickets, train tickets, ferry tickets, and have valid ID documents (domestic passengers holding resident ID cards, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan travelers holding travel documents, and foreign travelers holding passports), leaving Hainan Island but Domestic and foreign tourists who do not depart, including residents of Hainan Province.

The number of island duty-free goods increased to 45

  Not only has the amount of duty-free shopping been increased, but the types of duty-free goods have also been expanded, and the variety of duty-free goods that can be purchased has been expanded.

  Specifically, the number of duty-free commodities on the islands has increased from 38 to 45, adding 7 types of consumer-friendly products such as electronic consumer products.

The variety of duty-free commodities on the islands and the quantity range per purchase per person.

Significantly reduce the number of items that can be purchased at a time

  This adjustment is mainly based on quota management, which greatly reduces the types of goods that are restricted by the number of single purchases.

  Among the 45 types of island duty-free businesses, only the number of single purchases of cosmetics, mobile phones and alcoholic products is limited. Among them, a single purchase of cosmetics is limited to 30; a single purchase of mobile phones is limited to 4; a single purchase of alcohol does not exceed 1500 ml.

  This means that, in addition to cosmetics, mobile phones and alcohol, the remaining 42 duty-free products can be bought as many as you want, no limit to purchase!

Reselling, purchasing, smuggling will be included in the credit

  However, Hainan does not welcome purchasing and other activities.

  The announcement makes it clear that individuals who resell, purchase or smuggle duty-free commodities in violation of the provisions of this announcement shall be included in the credit record in accordance with the law and regulations, and shall not purchase tax-exempt commodities on outlying islands within three years; If it is dealt with and constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

  The announcement pointed out that the duty-free commodities that have been purchased out of the island belong to the final commodities used by consumers, and they must not enter the domestic market and be sold again.

Data Map: People wear masks to purchase duty-free products at the Haikou Riyue Plaza Duty Free Shop. Photo by Luo Yunfei

Will greatly improve the buying and buying experience

  It is reported that since the trial of the tax-free shopping policy for outlying island passengers began in April 2011, the overall operation has been good, which has promoted the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island and drove the development of tourism consumption and related industries in Hainan. According to customs statistics, as of the end of 2019, there were 16.31 million purchases and tax-free sales of 53.8 billion yuan.

  The Ministry of Finance stated that this policy adjustment will greatly improve consumers' shopping experience, release policy dividends, increase the public's sense of gain, promote the construction of Hainan International Tourism and Consumer Center, and enhance the confidence of all sectors in the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.

  Earlier, Vice Minister of Finance Zou Jiayi said at the press conference of the State Council of the People's Republic of China on June 8: "If you travel to Hainan, I suggest you bring more money and shop more."

  Shen Xiaoming, deputy secretary of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and governor of the Hainan Provincial People's Government, said that Hainan will become an important destination for tourism and shopping. We hope that Hainan will become not only a holiday paradise for the people of the country, but also a shopping paradise for the people of the country. (Finish)