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legal deadline to decide the minimum wage for next year is one day ahead. This year, both labor and management have their own grounds for the uniqueness of the corona situation, and there is a difference in position within the labor world.

Reporter Seongjin Jung.


It was the KCTU that broke the practice of presenting the common demands of the working world and opened the door first.

The minimum wage for next year is 2,770% higher than this year, and the hourly wage is 1,770 won.

The monthly salary is 2.25 million, and the living expenses of a single household last year was 2.24 million.

[Kim Myung-hwan/Democratic Trade Union Chairperson: (Minimum Wage) Shouldn't the minimum wage workers or the low-wage workers have the means of living at least? .]

On the other hand, the KCTU mentioned below 10,000 won.

It is the best position if the level of wage gap for each class can be narrowed due to difficult considerations such as low-wage workers and small self-employed workers due to the corona19 situation.

[Kim Dong-myeong/Korea Federation of Trade Unions Chairperson: In the midst of an economic crisis, we will prepare a

proposal to raise the minimum wage in consideration of the eye level of the people.] The business community is expected to insist on a minimum freeze.

[Kim Young-wan / Head of Planning and Public Relations, Korea Management Association: Companies and some self-employed persons are actually standing at the crossroads. Considering this management situation and our employment market as a whole... .]

Experts raise the need to connect with the tripartite dialogue, which is attempting a social compromise over refraining from raising wages and guaranteeing employment.

[Kim Sung-Hee/Director, Industrial Labor Policy Research Institute: I think that it is best to make a decision in the framework of social dialogue and to determine the minimum wage in a way that clarifies the responsibilities of employers and governments to guarantee employment and maintain income. )]

Tomorrow (29th), the general meeting will first discuss whether or not differentiation by industry is clearly opposed, and then try to compromise on the minimum wage level.

(Video coverage: Kim Heung-sik, Jeil, Park Hyun-cheol, Video editing: Park Jeong-sam)