Shopping bags will be charged from July 7:33, June 28


As it becomes mandatory to charge shopping bags from the first day of next month, there is a growing trend to charge paper bags at department stores. There is an aim to encourage the use of my bag that can be used repeatedly.

Of these, Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings will stop offering plastic shopping bags at directly-operated food stores from 1st of next month, and instead sell paper bags for a fee.

Compared to conventional paper bags, it is thicker and more durable, and is also water repellent, so the price will be 30 yen or 50 yen depending on the size.

At the clothing and sundries counter, we will continue to provide free paper bags.

Ayako Ishigami, Group General Affairs Department, Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings, said, “We would like to raise the carry rate of my bag to 30% through our efforts.”

In addition, the food retailer Cardi Coffee Farm has stopped providing free plastic shopping bags since April this year with more than 450 stores.

Instead, we sell paper bags for 15 yen and increase the number of my bags to promote their use.

In the retail industry, there is a trend of switching from free plastic shopping bags to paying paper bags as it leads to the reduction of plastic waste and the reduction of environmental load, and it will be noted whether the use of my bag will further expand.