An angry crowd in front of the residence of Benjamin Netanyahu

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Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, on February 9, 2020, in Jerusalem. Ronen Zvulun / Reuters

Text by: Michel Paul

Protests are taking place across Israel, including outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's residence. Democracy is in danger, say protesters who speak of police intimidation after the arrest of a general.


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From our correspondent in Jerusalem,

Anti- corruption slogans , thousands of demonstrators in Jerusalem and at the country's main crossroads. But what was to be a series of rallies directed directly against Benyamin Netanyahu took a different turn after the arrest of retired aviation general Amir Haskel.

Amir Haskel was arrested by the police when he demonstrated, as he has done almost daily for months, in front of the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem.

For Tamar Samech, former ambassador and activist of the Women Wage Peace movement (WWP), this is clearly an attempt at intimidation.

The arrest of General Haskel is something unimaginable, " she said. Obviously this is a way to scare. It is a very strong message that is sent and it is completely contrary, people feel even more committed against government policy.  "

Israeli police want to prevent Amir Haskel from demonstrating for 15 days. The law is the same for everyone, general or not, proclaims Amir Ohana, the Minister of Homeland Security.

But government number two Benny Gantz says the right to demonstrate is sacred. And he calls for the immediate and unconditional release of General Haskel.

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