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Some 75,000 households in Spain will receive this Friday the First Vital Income (IMV) for the first time, the new social benefit approved by the Government of Spain in the midst of the health crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic to alleviate the economic difficulties of thousands of persons.

The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, explained yesterday in an online meeting organized by the Servimedia news agency together with Plena Inclusión, that the first beneficiaries of the new benefit will be households receiving benefits for dependent children , to whom this right "has been recognized ex officio". In other words, they will collect the aid without needing to have requested it.

Some 75,000 families will thus receive the benefit in the first place, and he stressed that of them, the vast majority are single parents . There are also 7% of these households where people with disabilities live.

However, he assured that Social Security and the Ministry are working to expand the number of beneficiaries as quickly as possible. When the IMV "works at full capacity", he estimated that it will reach "about 850,000 homes", at a cost of approximately 3,000 million euros.

Escrivá indicated that work is being done so that the "autonomous communities provide the data of the beneficiaries of their minimum insertion income en bloc (to Social Security), which in this way may also be" officially recognized "as IMV recipients if they meet the general requirements. [SEE HOW TO APPLY FOR AID]

In addition, in a few days an agreement will be signed with the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) that will allow the request for this benefit "can also be managed in the social services of the municipalities."

Another possibility that is contemplated is that the organizations of the Third Sector also participate in its processing. "We have planned a multichannel system with which we intend to reach as many as possible" of households at risk of poverty, according to the minister, who participated in the meeting with representatives of the disability sector.

350,000 applications since June 15

On the other hand, Escrivá stressed that yesterday the Social Security offices were opened "to the public , so that potential interested parties can now physically submit their applications," always by appointment. "

"The deadline to claim these grants started on June 15 and since then, 350,000 online requests have been registered," Escrivá said. These include many households with dependent children, although single adults have also been registered.

The minister stressed that all those requests approved until September 15 will be charged retroactively from June 1 , the date the rule was approved.

As for the financing of the measure, the minister was open to increasing the 3,000 million initially planned "if we see that there are more beneficiaries."

Likewise, he indicated that it will be compatible with the insertion incomes of the autonomous communities, which "now will be able to decide what they allocate" these items to.

Finally, it confirmed that the Minimum Life Income is a non-contributory Social Security benefit, which will be financed from the General State Budgets.

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