NTT and NEC enter into capital and business alliance Policy to promote joint development of 5G communication equipment June 25, 9:19

NTT and NEC have entered into a capital and business tie-up and have decided to proceed with the joint development of new high-speed, large-capacity communication standards and 5G communication equipment.

According to the people involved, NTT and NEC are expected to hold a board of directors meeting on the 25th to make a capital and business alliance.

It means that NTT will invest about 60 billion yen next month to acquire about 5% of NEC shares.

On top of that, in addition to joint development of communication equipment such as new high-speed and large-capacity communication standards and 5G base stations, we also expect to collaborate in the creation of new networks that utilize optical technology promoted by NTT.

5G, which started commercial service in March this year, is expected to be used for entertainment as well as remote medical examinations where doctors in remote areas are examined based on high-definition video, and autonomous driving technology. ..

However, with regard to mobile phone base stations, Japanese companies have a smaller share than Huawei in China and Ericsson in Sweden, and NTT and NEC are expected to increase their presence through joint development.

The two companies will also announce the details and aims of the partnership on the afternoon of the 25th.