8 trillion yen supplied to financial institutions for financial assistance of BOJ companies New Corona 5:45 on June 25

The Bank of Japan provided more than 8 trillion yen to financial institutions on the 24th to support the financing of companies affected by the new coronavirus.

The BOJ's funding has increased in line with the start of interest-free and unsecured lending by private financial institutions as part of the government's economic measures.

In order to support the financing of companies affected by the new coronavirus, the BOJ introduced a system to supply financial institutions with a 0% interest rate in March this year, and encouraged aggressive lending.

Since last month, we have also added interest-free and unsecured loans as a measure of the government's economic measures.

The BOJ provided funds for the first time after expanding the system on the 24th, and the total amount was 8,278.4 billion yen. Before the system was expanded, it was about 1.5 trillion yen, which is a rapid increase of more than five times.

Since the total funding framework is 110 trillion yen, the Bank of Japan intends to encourage financial institutions to proactively lend money.

In addition, we are considering increasing the scope of assistance if necessary, as there is concern that the effects of the new coronavirus will be prolonged.