Stock price rise NY market received semiconductor-related stocks bought June 23 12:07

The stock price has risen due to the Tokyo stock market and semiconductor-related issues being bought on the 23rd.

The Nikkei Stock Average morning closing price is 22.621.84 yen, which is 184.57 yen higher than the closing price on the 22nd.

TSE stock index = topics rose 12.36 to 1591.45.

The turnover in the morning was 620.22 million shares.

A market official said, “Since the stock market index of Nasdaq, which has many IT-related issues in the New York market, renewed its highest value on the 22nd, semiconductor-related issues are being bought in the Tokyo market. In some cases, the Nikkei 225 stock price turned to a drop in the morning due to concerns about the, but after that, buy orders expanded."