Zhongxin Client, June 23 (Xie Yiguan) According to the Shenzhen Consumer Council on the 23rd, the Shenzhen Consumer Council and the Futian District Consumer Council jointly commissioned the Shenzhen Quality Consumer Research Institute to sell 15 models for the city. A comparison test of plastic slippers found that the phthalate content of the slippers samples exceeded one hundred times, which involved three brands of Warrior, Kuailu and Jimei.

  Among the 15 samples, 8 models are integrated sole slippers, involving brands such as Warrior, Antarctic, Kuailu, Shangshu, POSEE (Park West), Jimei, miniso, and Ka Luochi; 7 models are combined sole slippers. Brands include Kerou, Dr. Shoes, Pfeiffer, Baoren, Netease, Xuan, Lidani, George.

  From the test results, the performance and sensory indicators of the 15 plastic slippers meet the requirements of China's current light industry standards and chemical industry standards, and the chemical safety of some products does not meet the relevant requirements of EU regulations, such as phthalates , Short-chain chlorinated paraffin and other indicators, the overall performance is excellent.

  Specifically, 6 samples of plastic slippers were found to contain phthalate plasticizers, and 4 samples exceeded the EU standard limits.

  Among them, the highest detected value is the monthly sales of 43w+ purchased on the Taobao e-commerce platform, and the cumulative review of 105w+ Jimei slippers, the detected phthalate content (313015mg/kg) is 313 times the standard limit. Followed by Kuailu slippers, pull back casual shoes, and Shangshu household non-slip leaky slippers, the detected contents were 290640 mg/kg, 195286 mg/kg, and 2123mg/kg, respectively 290 times, 195 times, 2 Times.

  According to the Shenzhen Consumer Council, phthalate esters can increase the flexibility of the material or be used as an additive for liquefaction of the material, so it is often added as a plasticizer in substrates such as polyvinyl chloride. It is highly mobile and can be easily released from the product. It can enter the human body through the respiratory tract, digestive tract, skin, etc. It has hormone-like endocrine disrupting properties, reproductive toxicity, which may interfere with endocrine and affect reproduction and development.

  In addition, the 15 samples of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon content test are in line with the requirements of the EU standards, excellent performance. Two plastic slippers products were found to contain short-chain chlorinated paraffins. Among them, Kuilu slippers purchased at Tmall supermarket were found to contain 15 times the content of the standard limit.

  According to the Shenzhen Consumer Council, short-chain chlorinated paraffins are biologically toxic and cumulative. Short-term chlorinated paraffins that have been in the environment for a long time will accumulate in animals and humans, which may affect the immune system and reproductive system of humans and organisms. And cause environmental pollution.

  In addition, the comparison test results show that in terms of anti-skid performance, the 15 plastic slippers overall are much higher than Australia and New Zealand ground safety coefficient of friction safety level requirements, excellent performance. The first three integrated sole slippers with anti-slip effect are: Kulu deer slippers, pull back casual slippers, Jimei slippers; the first three combined sole slippers with anti-slip effect are: george. Non-slip female slippers, Philf anti-slip men's shoes, Lidani men's/women's shoes.

  The Consumer Council of Shenzhen City reminded that when buying slippers, the taste is pungent and carefully selected, try to buy some odorless or light odor slippers; consumers who pay attention to anti-skid can pay attention to the sole material and texture design when choosing; choose The length of the slippers should be just enough to prevent the shoes from being tripped during walking. It is recommended to replace them at least once a year, preferably half a year. If the soles are seriously worn, they should be replaced in advance to avoid slipping and falling. (Finish)