Return of Shares to Toshiba Kioxia Shares for Return to Shareholders June 22, 13:08

Toshiba has promoted the sale of the shares of the major semiconductor company, Kioxia Holdings, and announced that it will return more than half of the proceeds from the sale to shareholders.

According to the announcement, Toshiba will proceed with the consideration of selling and cashing the shares of Kioxia Holdings, which holds more than 40% of the total voting rights. In addition, in principle, more than half of the funds obtained from the sale will be returned to shareholders.

As a pillar of a drastic management restructuring measure, Toshiba sold Toshiba Memory, a semiconductor subsidiary that was the predecessor of Kioxia, to the "Japan-US-Korea Union" centered on an American investment fund. I had it.

Mr. Nobuaki Kurumaya, President of Toshiba, said at a conference held online on the 22nd that he had no intention in the management strategy to manage the memory business handled by Kioxia, and is currently considering the specific selling method and timing. I decided.

The Toshiba is, as with a certain prospect to restructuring, Chairman of the Board of Directors retired Yoshimitsu Kobayashi President of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, who has served as an outside director, the person cases that take the Osamu Nagayama honorary chairman of Chugai to successor Announced.