China News Service, June 20, according to the National Post Bureau website, since June 19, Beijing Post and express delivery companies have begun to arrange front-line employees to perform nucleic acid detection for all employees. The nucleic acid detection involved 17 postal services in Beijing 10. The 103,000 first-line employees of express delivery companies plan to complete all testing and sampling work by 22:00 on June 22. As of now, Beijing Post express delivery practitioners have not reported confirmed or suspected cases.

  According to the news, from June 19th, in accordance with the unified requirements of Beijing, in order to provide citizens with a safer and more reliable delivery service, Beijing Post and express delivery companies have begun to arrange front-line employees to conduct nucleic acid testing for all employees, which is expected to be on June 22nd Complete the sampling work of nucleic acid detection.

  At more than 5 pm on June 19th, after sending more than 200 express shipments, Yuantong Express brother Wang Hailong came to the testing site of Nanfaxin in Shunyi to accept the accounting test. "Everyone is responsible for the prevention and control of the epidemic in Beijing. As the courier brother, we accept nucleic acid testing not only for our own safety, but also for the safety of the citizens, and are responsible to the citizens." Wang Hailong said, he and his colleagues will also do a good job Under the premise of protective measures, we will spare no effort to guarantee the distribution of citizens' living materials. "Compared to frontline medical staff and community workers, our hard work is nothing."

  It is worth noting that at the peak of the "6·18" business, the courier companies, while doing a good job in nucleic acid detection and other epidemic prevention and control measures, also make every effort to ensure the smooth delivery channels. Taking Jingdong Logistics as an example, it provides free nucleic acid testing for all couriers, truck drivers and fresh storage personnel in Beijing. At present, more than 2,000 employees have completed the testing, and the remaining employees will also complete the testing in batches in the shortest time. . In response to the surge in business volume, Jingdong Logistics fully cooperates with community prevention and control requirements. For inaccessible communities, self-lifting cabinets, convenient service points, designated places for storage, property collection, security room collection, community distribution Mini station, etc. A variety of contactless distribution methods to meet the consumer's shipping needs.

  It is understood that the nucleic acid testing involved a total of 103,000 first-line employees of 17 postal and express delivery companies in Beijing. It is planned to complete all the testing and sampling work by 24 o'clock on June 22. As of now, Beijing Post express delivery staff have not reported confirmed or suspected cases, and the delivery channel has maintained a good trend of safety, stability and smoothness. The data shows that from June 11 to 20, the parcel delivery in Beijing area was 68.09 million, an increase of 22.86% year-on-year; the delivery of express parcels was 82.45 million, an increase of 25.57% year-on-year.

  According to the work plan of the State Post Bureau, in order to further improve the prevention and control of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic in Beijing, we will grasp the nucleic acid detection of all staff of postal express and front-line employees on the one hand, and the delivery and delivery channels will be stable and smooth. When the epidemic causes labor shortages and increases the difficulty of delivery, organize enterprises to coordinate various types of resources, optimize network routing, encourage temporary labor, use smart box delivery, express service station delivery, etc.; especially for the implementation of closed management communities, requirements Various enterprises have increased their investment in manpower and material resources, focusing on ensuring the delivery and supply of various materials such as food and daily necessities for residents. The State Post Bureau also requires strict implementation of the latest version of the postal epidemic prevention and control operations during the postal express production operations, scientifically wear masks, reduce staff focus, strengthen the production operations and mail express ventilation and disinfection measures to ensure the life of employees and consumers Safe and healthy.

  In addition, in accordance with the requirements of the second-level response to relevant prevention and control measures, and according to the characteristics and reality of the relevant business service industry, Beijing has revised 13 industry guidelines such as catering, supermarket distribution logistics, and takeaway express delivery, and officially issued and implemented them on the 19th. In the guidelines of the express delivery and takeaway industry, couriers and online delivery personnel are required to avoid the gathering of people while waiting to pick up and take meals, keep a distance of more than 1 meter, and wear disposable medical masks when going out to provide services and enter the community for delivery At the time, Beijing Healthbao should be presented as required, and items can be placed in a courier cabinet or community storage point to implement contactless delivery.