China News Agency, Beijing, June 18 Question: Wang Junjin: Private enterprises should seize strategic opportunities to stimulate their vitality

  China News Service reporter Yang Zhe

  "As a private company, we should seize strategic opportunities and achieve our own transformation by participating in national strategies to stimulate vitality and creativity." Wang Junjin, chairman of Junyao Group, pointed out in an interview with China News Service recently.

  The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council recently announced to the public "Opinions on Accelerating the Improvement of the Socialist Market Economic System in the New Era" (hereinafter "Opinions"). Wang Junjin believes that the "Opinions", on the basis of summing up 40 years of valuable experience in reform and opening up, with a higher starting point, higher level, and higher goals, has pointed out the direction for deepening market-oriented reforms and expanding high-level opening up. Its core is to adhere to the direction of market-oriented reform, with economic construction as its main task, to make greater efforts to liberate and develop social productive forces, improve the socialist market economic system, and better promote the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities.

  Founded in 1991, JuneYao Group is a modern service enterprise mainly based on industrial investment. Its business includes five major sectors: air transportation, financial services, modern consumption, education services, and technological innovation. Juneyao Airlines has opened domestic, international and regional There are more than 210 round-trip routes. In 2018, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce announced "100 Outstanding Private Entrepreneurs in 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up", and Wang Junjin was among them.

  Wang Junjin believes that over 40 years of reform and opening up, China’s economic development has achieved tremendous achievements. Thanks to the establishment and improvement of the socialist market economic system, it can not only concentrate its efforts on major affairs, but also exert market flexibility and stimulate the vitality of the social economy. Balancing the government and the market is an important part of the reform. Fair competition in the market is the "ballast stone" of economic development.

  He was gratified that the "Opinions" proposed that "consolidate the basic system of the market economy and ensure fair competition in the market." In addition, the "Opinions" clearly mentioned that more attention should be paid to the general laws of the market economy to minimize the government's direct allocation of market resources and direct intervention in microeconomic activities.

  "It is not difficult to see the government's determination to eliminate the shortcomings of the institutional mechanism and let the market play a role. This will undoubtedly enhance the confidence of enterprises, effectively incentivize enterprises to participate in more areas of competition according to their core capabilities, and form free flow of factors, flexible price response, and fair competition. An orderly system for the survival of the fittest. Not only does it enrich the market, but it can also force enterprises to transform and upgrade." Wang Junjin said.

  The "Opinions" also mentioned "adhering to the public ownership as the mainstay and the development of a variety of ownership economies to enhance the vitality of the micro-subjects", and called for "steadily advancing the reform of the natural monopoly industry" and "creating an institutional environment that supports the high-quality development of the non-public ownership economy."

  Wang Junjin believes that the relevant content is of great benefit to private enterprises. It will promote the improvement of the business environment, the rule of law environment, and the relationship between government and business. It will give private enterprises greater freedom and room for innovation. It will boost the confidence of private enterprises and allow private entrepreneurs to really let go of their burdens. , Build confidence, be on the sidelines, and focus on doing business well.

  This year, the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has brought challenges to the development of Chinese private enterprises. Wang Junjin said that due to the sharp drop in revenue and the refund of pre-sale tickets, at the same time the company must maintain part of its flights to ensure fixed cost expenditures, the normal production and operation of Juneyao Airlines under the group was greatly affected.

  Faced with the challenge, JuneYao Group insisted on not laying off employees, and started to accelerate the innovation of the lower business sector affected by the epidemic. In response to the market and industry needs, it took innovative measures to expand the source of income. Since the end of March, it launched the "customer to goods" business and grasped The market demand for live rework and rework launches the "Rework Charter" business.

  With the effective control of the domestic epidemic situation earlier, social life is gradually returning to normal, and the civil aviation market is also recovering in an orderly manner. Wang Junjin said that the epidemic has tested the strength of China's economic development, and China therefore urgently needs to build a more indestructible economic system. As mentioned in the "Opinions", it is necessary to "construct a more complete system of market-based allocation of factors and further stimulate the creativity and market vitality of the whole society."

  In his view, the "Opinions" will break down many barriers and thresholds, which will help to create a better business environment for Chinese private enterprises. Private enterprises should also seize this strategic opportunity to realize their own transformation and stimulate while participating in national strategies. Vitality and creativity. "With a larger stage, China's private enterprises will have much to do in the future." (End)