Information disclosure is not in place, suspected false propaganda of product efficacy, popularity fraud and comment fraud...

  How to change the "temporary fire" to "always fire" in live broadcast

  Among the 30 samples of live broadcast experience, 9 samples are suspected of having problems with the disclosure of license information, accounting for 30%; 3 samples are suspected of inducing consumers to buy goods through false promotion of product efficacy or limit wording, accounting for 10% .

  On June 16th, the Beijing Consumers Association released the "Live Streaming Consumption Survey Report", which shows that there are many problems with live streaming consumption. In addition to the above-mentioned license issues and false publicity, some live streaming merchandise merchants pages do not have any products. Text or picture information, individual live streaming business requires "non-refundable deposit".

  Since the beginning of this year, live streaming has brought a fire, but this new consumption model has been a constant problem. Relevant experts said that the live broadcast of goods must be "temporary fire" to "always fire", it needs to be "rules", so that the platform merchants really "carry goods" for consumers rather than "cause disaster".

Some anchors suspected of false propaganda to induce consumers

  "It can lower blood fat, promote blood circulation, prevent cardio-cerebral blood vessels, arteriosclerosis, stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, and has a good effect on presbyopia, glaucoma, and blurred vision." "The quality of our products is absolutely NO. 1"……

  This is the introduction of the health products by the Beijing Consumers Association experience staff when they purchased a health product with a price of 149 yuan through Jingdong live broadcast on May 27.

  Among the 30 live streaming samples of this experience survey, two samples were suspected of inducing consumers to purchase goods through false promotion of product efficacy or limit wording, infringing consumers' right to know and fair trading rights.

  When the experience staff purchased a "Gu Yiyuan Red Bean Barley Rice Meal Replacement Powder" through the Tmall live broadcast platform, the anchor announced that "3 days can be reduced by 1 to 5 pounds". "If the product has no effect after 3 days, come to our home and promise an invalid refund ".

  When the experience staff purchased a black maca on the live streaming platform, the anchor announced that the product "can improve immunity, improve sleep, fight fatigue, replenish mental and physical strength, and nourish the kidneys. A long-term drinking of maca for men can improve male kidney function. ".

  According to the "Online Survey Report on Consumer Satisfaction of Live E-commerce Shopping" released by the China Consumer Association at the end of March this year, due to asymmetric information, some consumers were misled by exaggerated propaganda or false information, and bought counterfeit goods and "three noes" products Wait.

Attention must be paid to popularity and comment fraud, false transactions, etc.

  Among the 30 live broadcast cargo samples in this experience survey, 9 samples were suspected of having problems with the publication of license information. For example, the two stores “Yan Jie Brand Skin Care” and “Changchun Xiaoyue Makeup Master” on the fast-hand live broadcast platform have not been uploaded with qualification certificates even though they have been real-name certified and paid store deposits. There are 29 experience samples that can achieve "7 days no reason to return", only 1 experience sample "no reason to return" was rejected.

  The experience staff survey also found that although some live streaming merchants marked "return package shipping fee", they actually paid 12 yuan for shipping when returning goods, and the merchant only subsidized 10 yuan for shipping; in addition to the host’s voice introduction, the platform There is no text or picture information of any product on the merchant's page; some live streaming merchants require a deposit first and prompt "I have agreed to a pre-sale agreement such as a non-refundable deposit", otherwise the order cannot be submitted.

  Earlier, a reporter from Workers Daily also found in some investigations that some live broadcast platforms and merchants still have behaviors such as popular fraud and comment fraud, as well as various types of induced transactions, false transactions, and private transactions that evade security supervision. In professional fields such as insurance, some anchors who do not have professional insurance knowledge have also started recommending insurance products through live broadcast. These are particularly worthy of attention by regulatory authorities.

 Anchors with more frequent violations can be blacklisted

  Zhu Yicong, a lawyer from Beijing Yingke (Shenzhen) Law Firm, pointed out that since this year, the live broadcast model has made positive contributions to the resumption of production and the promotion of product sales, but the above problems have damaged consumers’ rights and interests and are not conducive to the long-term health of the industry. development of. For live streaming to be "always on fire", it must be regulated and developed to provide consumers with "good goods" with high cost performance and guaranteed quality.

  In this regard, the Beijing Consumers’ Association recommends that legislation or formulation of industry standards be adopted to further clarify the division of responsibilities between the live broadcast delivery-related platforms, merchants and anchors, and increase the supervision and supervision of parties such as platforms, merchants and anchors. Penalty intensity.

  At the same time, it is recommended to further strengthen the supervision and management responsibility of the live broadcast platform for live broadcast goods delivery, clarify that the platform must strictly follow relevant laws, regulations and policy requirements, improve internal regulatory measures and autonomous rules, and strengthen the audit and check of the entire process of live broadcast goods transactions. Governance.

  In addition, the Beijing Consumers Association called for the establishment of an industry self-discipline and integrity evaluation mechanism. For live broadcasts that exaggerate propaganda, deception, and misleading consumers, they should be included in the social integrity evaluation system. In addition to economic penalties, the anchors who broadcast false propaganda on live broadcasts should also include those with serious violations and frequent violations. The anchors were added to the blacklist, the live broadcast market was banned, the cost of illegal live broadcasts was increased, and the regulatory deterrent was enhanced.

  Yang Zhaokui