Significantly reduced domestic jet airliner development system Reduced to less than half of employees at 17:06 on June 15

Mitsubishi Aircraft Co., Ltd. announced that it will significantly reduce its development structure by reducing the number of employees to less than half and promoting the development of "Mitsubishi Space Jet", the first domestic jet airliner. This is due to uncertain demand for aircraft in the future due to the worsening business performance and the spread of new coronavirus infections.

According to the announcement, "Mitsubishi Aircraft" will reduce the number of employees in Japan and overseas to about 2000 and reduce it to more than half, and will also reduce the number of employees from two overseas locations, excluding the flight test center in Washington, USA. The company said that it will close the office and significantly reduce the development structure of the "Mitsubishi Space Jet".

In addition, the 90-seat aircraft that have already undergone flight tests will be put off production of mass-produced aircraft, and the development of the 70-seat aircraft, which was planned to be the mainstay, will be postponed for the time being.

This is because the future demand for aircraft is uncertain due to the spread of the new coronavirus in addition to the deterioration of business performance, and the parent company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries We have decided to reduce the development cost to about half that of the past.

Due to the shrinking development system, the delivery of the first aircraft, which was said to be “after 2021”, is inevitable to be reviewed, and the development plan of the first domestic jet airliner is at a critical point.